Tradesmith offers various products for portfolio management - some are inexpensive and others are more expensive.

Before spending any money I'm sure you want to know if they're scams or legit services.

We'll get to the bottom of this in this review.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Tradesmith below, including any red flags that I find.

You'll know if this company is right for you by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Tradesmith Summary

Creator: Marketwise product (formerly Richard Smith

Price to join: Depends on product

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 2/5

There's not much value in Tradesmith and they don't really have products that will help investors.

The products don't offer anything special that you couldn't find elsewhere.

Additionally, it can cost thousands per year to have Tradesmith's services and that's a cost that adds up over time.

Lastly, it's owned by a larger company that I don't like - they treat their customers very poorly.

So I'd pass.

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Another MarketWise Product (Not Good)

Before we get into what Tradesmith is and what they offer, you should know about the company that owns - Marketwise.

Marketwise is a publicly traded company that launched last year.

Most of the services they offer are stock picking services but they also offer Tradesmith.

Marketwise is not a company you typically want to buy from and here's a couple reason why.

Get Ready For Massive Upsells

One of the most annoying things about all MarketwWise products is they upsells like crazy to their customers.

Despite just launching last year Marketwise makes over $500 million in revenue every year and most of that comes from upsells.

This means using manipulative sales funnels to try and get you to spend thousands of dollars.

There's a lot of different products for sale at Tradesmith.

The goal of MarketWise is to get you to buy something cheap from Tradesmith and get you to spend more down the road.

This means sending you up to 50 emails a day, as this customer points out:

This shows Tradesmith and MarketWise really don't care about customer experience or anything like that.

They're just looking to milk you as much as possible.

It's annoying to deal with as Sheree points out and a major turn off for many customers.

Getting Promotions From Straight Up Scammers!

Another thing that stinks about being in a MarketWise sales funnel is you'll be promoted products from other companies as well.

There's over a dozen investing publishers and companies under the MarketWise umbrella.

And your email gets passed around to every single one of these publishers.

The problem is MarketWise hires legitimate scammers.

For example, InvestorPlace is a publisher owned by Louis Navellier.

MarketWise will tell you Louis gets these amazing returns and that you should spend thousands of dollars on his products.

The truth is Louis Navellier was just fined $30 million for defrauding customers and lying about his track record:

No reputable company would ever want to associate with Louis Navellier but Marketwise and Tradesmith happily do.

He's not the only loathsome character either.

Teeka Tiwari is another person you'll get promotions from.

MarketWise calls him a trusted expert.. except he's literally banned from Wall Street by regulators.

So these are the kinds of people you're dealing with when you buy from MarketWise and Tradesmith.

I personally wouldn't want to buy from any of these people and wouldn't want them having my email address.

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What Is Tradesmith?

Tradesmith really isn't one thing.

It's a company that offers many different products that are all unique and compliment  each other.

However, their most known for their portfolio management services and TradeStops is their most well known product.

We'll get into TradeStops more in the next section but it gives you the tools you need to properly allocate money into your portfolio.

But because MarketWise is at the helm now Tradesmith has grown a lot.

They've branched out into tools that help you picks stocks, help you day trade, help you pick cryptos, trade options and more.

They even have stock selecting newsletters and advisories as well.

So don't go into Tradesmith only expecting portfolio tools - they're going to try and sell you on a lot of different stuff.

What Is Tradesmith Offering?

Like I said before Tradesmith is offering a lot of different products for different people.

Here's an overview of everything they're offering based on category:

Investment Tools

Tradesmith is most known for their investment tools and chances are this is what you're considering if you're buying from them.

Here's an overview of all their investment tools:

Tradestop ($228 to $3000)

The most well known and popular investing tool at Tradesmith is Tradestop.

Tradestop is a portfolio management tool that helps you decide when and what to buy and sell.

Additionally, it helps you set up risk management for your investments with the "Volatility Quotient."

There's 4 different price levels for this product and the more you pay, the more you get.

Ideas By Tradesmith ($499 to $3000)

Ideas is the next product being offered at Tradesmith.

This is basically a stock screener that rates thousands of stocks and ETFs on the market.

The "Market Health Indicator" supposedly helps you find the best sectors and stocks to invest in.

Ratings By Tradesmith ($3500)

Ratings By Tradesmith is an expensive product that measures patterns on the stock market.

They claim investors of all kinds can use these measurements to find good investment ideas.

This includes people wanting short term investments all the way to long term investments.

Tradesmith claims Ratings will help you find entry and exit prices for these potential assets.

Tradesmith Trends ($99)

The last of the investment tools is Trends.

This product shows you the "most powerful trends" based on market health, trending stocks and top articles at Tradesmith.

These trends are sent to you once a week on Mondays.

Trading Tools

Next up we have a few different trading services for option traders.

They are:

Infinite Income Loop ($599)

Infinite Income Loop is an option alert service that sends you 3 option trades every month.

After you are given advice and tips on how to trade these options weekly.

In my experience option alerts don't work well because the price changes by the time you make the trade for yourself.

CoPilot By Tradesmith ($5000)

CoPilot is one of the more expensive products at Tradesmith and costs $5,000!

This option tool helps you build screeners for your option trading strategy.

Or you can chose from their own pre built screeners.

These screeners help you guess what the profit and return on investments for your trades will be.

Money Movers ($3000)

Last of the option tools is another very expensive product called Money Movers.

This product sends alerts for options based on "unusual activity."

This isn't the only tool that does something like this and it's meant to track insider trading.

Of course insider track is worth tracking because those are going to win.

However, it's more of a gimmick and other similar products don't work well.

Cryptocurrency Products

Tradesmith is now offering a bunch of services in crypto as well.

I personally advice people to stay away from crypto because of the rampant fraud in the industry.

Here's everything they offer in this space:

Crypto Strategist Advisory ($199)

This is a crypto investing newsletter run by Joe Shew, who I'm not that familiar with.

He seems to be a former accountant turned crypto guru.

Shew has a Youtube channel he posts to a lot but he doesn't have many subscribers.

Basically you get a new newsletter once a month with crypto picks.

Crypto Advantage Society ($5000)

This is the upsell to Crypto Strategist Advisory.

Crypto Advantage Society is also run by Joe Shew and is extremely expensive at $5000.

Additionally, this is a monthly newsletter with weekly updates with a handful of cryptos to keep your eye on.

Crypto Ideas ($1500)

Crypto Ideas is basically the same as the other Ideas product but focuses on cryptos.

You'll get screening tools to find the best crypto investments (supposedly) and Crypto Ideas' ability to track the health of the crypto market.

Income Generation

The income generation services are more newsletters but this time focus on stocks.

All of these services are run by a guy named Mike Burnick who doesn't have a good track record.

For example, Mike used to work for a horrible company called Agora and his services were poorly rated by customers:

So I wouldn't expect much from these newsletters.

Here's an overview of what's being offered:

Stock Advantage Report ($299)

The first investing newsletter is Stock Advantage Repot and sends you new stock recommendations in the monthly newsletters.

These stocks are found using the tools at Tradesmith.

Dividends On Demand ($5000)

In this service Mike helps you find income earning stocks.

However, Mike had a dividend selecting service in 2018 (referenced above) and it failed pretty badly.

Parabolic Profits ($5000)

Last up from Mike is Parabolic Profits.

This gives you trade alerts every single week and Mike claims you're going to get big long term gains for pennies on the dollar.

Macro Investing Research

Last up is macro investing research.

These are products that invest broadly in the market and doesn't stick to one sector or strategy.

Here's an overview of the two products:

Tradesmith Decoder ($3000)

This is a newsletter run by Justice Clark Litle. 

You get daily market updates and investment ideas.

Quantum Edge Pro ($3000)

The last service that Tradesmith offers is called Quantum Edge Pro and this product "uses quantitative analysis of the best socks in the market to find the strongest performers based on technical analysis."

Technical analysis is mostly just garbage and I wouldn't buy a product that uses it heavily.

I'm not the only one who think it's garbage either.

People like Warren Buffet are completely against it:

I'd follow Warren Buffet's advice..

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Tradesmith FAQ's

Still have some questions about Tradesmith?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have about them:

1) Is Tradesmith Trustworthy?

Ehhhh... I guess it depends on what you mean by "trustworthy,"

Are their services going to function in a way they describe? Sure.. I don't think they're going to give you any special edge in the markets but they'll give you the data they promise.

However, there's reasons to not trust Tradesmith.

They're owned by a company called MarketWise that's proven to be untrustworthy.

Tradesmith is also going to be handing your email address to legitimate criminals and scammers.

So in that regard they aren't trustworthy.

2) Are The Prices Fair?

I personally don't think so.

Almost every product costs several thousands of dollars and I don't think they're worth that.

Even the cheaper products come with baggage.

They're only priced cheaply so they can try to upsell your much more expensive products down the road.

3) What Do You Like Most About Tradesmith?

It's hard for me to really get excited about this company at all.

Many of the products are similar to other investing services and I don't really trust any of the "experts" giving you advice.

So I really don't have anything I like about Tradesmith.

4) What Do You Most Dislike About Tradesmith?

Definitely the price of the products and the upsells.

I'm telling you your email inbox will likely become useless after you buy anything from Tradesmith.

You're going to get bombed with promotionals all day, every day.

It's super annoying.

Tradesmith makes it abundantly clear they care most about getting money from you.

5) Do You Recommend Any Tradesmith Products?

No I don't.

I pretty much have a problem with every service that's being offered.

They're either too expensive, run by people with poor track records or use strategies that I don't recommend like technical analysis.

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Tradesmith Pros And Cons

  • Aggressive sales funnels: You're treated like a cow to be milked at Tradesmith. They are going to hammer you with upsells in the hopes of getting you to spend thousands.
  • Many competitors: Every product offered here has a competitor that's either more affordable or better quality.
  • Poor track record: The experts here giving you investment advice are either unknown or have poor past track records.
  • Way too expensive: The products here are overpriced.

Tradesmith Conclusion

So that's the end of my Tradesmith review!

I hope you got all your questions answered after reading everything.

I've reviewed many MarketWise services in the past year and don't really like many of them.

They all function in the same way and don't treat their customers well.

The marketing is good but that's not going to help you make money.

In the end Tradesmith just doesn't deliver for investors in my opinion.

The tools range from unnecessary to unhelpful and almost all of them have a cheaper or better option in other places.

There's nothing special about Tradesmith and I wouldn't recommend spending thousands here.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on anything that Tradesmith is selling.

The good news is there's plenty of resources out there that will help you pick good stocks.

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