Have you come across one of Anthony Morrison's courses and are wondering if he's a scam artist or legit marketer?

That's what this review will answer.

Below you're going to find everything you need to know about this internet marketer including background information, a look at his courses, any controversies and more.

You'll know if Anthony is worth purchasing from once you're done reading this post.

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Anthony Morrison Summary

Marketer: Anthony Morrison

What does he teach: Internet marketing, affiliate marketing

Who's he best for: Himself

Do I recommend? No!

Overall rating :  2 / 5

If this were a review about how much money Anthony Morrison has made in his life it would be much more positive.

However, this is a review on whether you should buy from him - and the answer is no.

Anthony has a lot of scammy products that he offers and crazy upsells that can cost thousands.

He has a high return rate for his products and I wouldn't recommend that you buy any of them.

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He Was Banned From Clickbank!

You probably know what Clickbank is but if you don't here's a quick summary:

Clickbank is a digital marketplace where you find products to market for commissions.

Now is there some good products on Clickbank?

Sure but most aren't.

In the internet marketing category you'll find horrendous scams that only someone completely naive to internet marketing could fall for.

I've had the displeasure of reviewing a ton of them. You get fake testimonials, fake owners, bad teaching and every other thing a scammer could dream of.

The point I'm trying to make is it takes a lot to get banned from Clickbank but somehow Anthony Morrison managed to do that.

Apparently his products got too high of a refund rate and it triggered him to get banned.

You know you're selling a bad product if Clickbank doesn't let you sell anymore because of too many refunds. 

What Does Anthony Morrison Teach?

Anthony Morrison teaches internet marketing and affiliate marketing. 

The thing is, though, Morrison chronically puts out new courses, offers new seminars and new software.

This is quite lucrative to the person selling but it should be a red flag if you're buying from a person that does this.

The best people that teach internet marketing, in my opinion, is to have a course or two and a THRIVING community along with their courses.

Instead of focusing on 10 different things and constantly putting out new stuff, they update courses which produce a lot of success stories.

That's what is missing with Morrison - thriving communities and success stories.

So Anthony is very good at making money for himself but it doesn't seem to be translating to students.

Anthony Morrison Youtube Channel

Anthony's Youtube channel actually isn't that bad.

The other day I reviewed another well known marketer called Bill Gene Is Marketing who is very similar to Anthony - in fact they've worked together in the past. 

Bill Gene's Youtube channel is basically useless and his videos are a couple minutes long.

Anthony actually provides pretty useful videos and some of them are over a hour long.

He gets a decent amount of views on each video too so he does seem to have a following there that's sticking around. 

Overall he might be worth a subscribe on Youtube.

Anthony Morrison Courses Overview

Anthony has A LOT of different products and courses.

Like I said, he's chronically putting out new products which to me is a red flag (shows none of his courses are producing a thriving community).

Here's an overview of his more popular products/courses:

Partner With Anthony

Partner With Anthony may be the most popular course offered by Anthony. 

This courses teaches affiliate marketing and in the sales page makes it seem like you'll be working together with Anthony.

The problem is that's not even close to the truth.

You just get 13 videos that teach affiliate marketing and it's not nearly enough to actually be successful with affiliate marketing. 

This course only costs $97 but there's plenty of upsells that will cost in the thousands. 

Inbox Inner Circle System

This course is an email marketing course that didn't get a lot of good reviews.

You were sold on the idea you'd get 500 subscribers along with training on building an email list but the subscribers you get are very low quality - so is the training.

It cost $77 but again there's upsells that cost thousands. 

Success With Anthony

This course follows the exact same blueprint as the previous courses - offer a course for cheap and then have thousands in upsells.

It's an old trick and Anthony seems to use it a lot.

This course teaches you how to use paid traffic to make sales.

Funnel Hacks Bootcamp

This course is $97 with upsells.

The main topic being taught here is funnels and using them to make money. 

Other Courses

Here's a list of other products and courses offered by Anthony:

  • Digital Marketing Mastermind
  • Ambassador Club
  • Fan Page Domination
  • Master Funnel Club
  • IG Mastery
  • Crypto Masterclass
  • Build Send Profit
  • Build Redirects

As you can see Anthony makes money by selling courses. Does he actually make money with affiliate marketing anymore? Who knows but it's definitely not as much as his course sales.

If you actually want to make money with affiliate marketing follow someone who's currently making money doing it.

I Wouldn't Buy From Anthony Morrison

Anthony Morrison has had good success but his students haven't. If you want to see the best course on making money online, click below:

That Time Anthony Morrison Scammed Kids

Do you know who Jake Paul is?

He's a super obnoxious Youtube with an incrediblely young audience. He's constantly doing stunts that get him in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Recently he was arrested for breaking into a mall during the George Floyd riots. 

Anyway the reason I'm mentioning this is a bunch of internet marketers teamed up with Jake Paul to sell a course to his young fanbase (most probably in middle school) called Financial Freedom Movement.

This course basically made the case you shouldn't get an education and should buy their course instead.

Now if this was high quality and provided excellent training it wouldn't be so disgusting.

But the training is absolutely terrible and all the people involved repackaged old content and passed it off as new.

Then they'd link to other courses and try to upsell these kids (in many cases for thousands of dollars).

Her'es a video that goes over Anthony and his brother Adrian's involvment in this course:

Scamming kids is low.

It's really all you need to know about Anthony Morrison.

He Exploited Covid-19

The group behind Financial Freedom Movement clearly isn't the most ethical group.

Because when Covid-19 hit and the economy started to hurt, they were there with another opportunity - 100 Million Academy.

The sales page of 100 Million Academy used a lot of fear mongering about Covid-19 and really tried to scare you into buying their product.

They made claims like the economy would never recover, the government is going to fail you and basically they were the only ones who could save you.

Again, just tactics scumbags used.

Anthony was also involved in this venture too.

If it actually lived up to the hype and had delivered it wouldn't be so bad.

But the training is low quality and all over the place. It's basically a sales funnel that that these guys used to get you to buy their more expensive courses.  

Anthony Morrison Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and dislike about Anthony Morrison


  • Good Youtube channel: Anthony does actually have a decent Youtube channel. He uploads regularly and there's in depth videos, unlike a lot of other internet marketing gurus. 


  • Low quality courses: Getting banned from Clickbank isn't something that's easy. I've seen some horrible scams there before. The fact he got banned because his refund rate was high is pretty crazy.
  • High upsells: Anthony prices his courses low for a reason - he has upsells that cost thousands of dollars after you buy. This is a tactic internet marketers use to get make bigger sales down the road.
  • Scams vulnerable people: It's one thing to market low quality courses - it's another to market them to kids and people during a massive pandemic. This is really all you need to know about Anthony Morrison. 

Is Anthony Morrison A Scammer?

It's close.

Being banned from Clickbank would indicate to me that he's at least engaged in scam like behaviour.

Even if he's not a straight up scammer, he's not worth buying from.

His courses aren't good and they always come with crazy expensive upsells.

You're better off spending your money elsewhere.

Here's A Better Opportunity

You shouldn't buy any of Anthony Morrison's courses - they're not worth their price tag.

However, there's still a lot of quality courses and teachers out there for you to learn from.

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