Have your recently discovered Blake Nubar and want to know if he's a scam artist or legit marketer?

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Blake Nubar including background information, look at his courses/services and more.

After you're done reading you'll know if he's worth buying from.

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Blake Nubar Summary

Marketer: Blake Nubar

What does he teach? Internet marketing, funnel training

Do I recommend? Yes, if you're looking for funnel training

Overall rating :  3.5 / 5

Blake Nubar is a successful internet marketer that specializes in funnels and funnel training.

He's in the 2 comma club which means he's done over a million in sales for Clickfunnels and apparently holds the record for doing it in just 43 days.

If you're looking to improve your internet marketing skills with funnel training, he's definitely a good person to learn from.

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Blake Nubar Is An Expert In Funnels

Here's the deal..

If you are already making money and want to expand your operation with funnels Blake may be one of the best people to learn from.

He's proven to be very successful with them and he's made millions with them.

So if you're already familiar with affiliate marketing or something like that and just want to add a skill, I'd recommend Blake.

However, if you're just starting out I'm not sure I'd go right to funnels and stuff like that.

It's more advanced and you should already be having success before you go down this road.

What Is The 2 Comma Club?

The 2 Comma Club is a group of people that make $1 million in sales on Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels is a popular platform where you can build funnels and build pages for your online business.

Apparently there's 300+ people in this club and Blake Nubar is one of them.

I read he also has the record for being the fastest to reach the 2 comma club in just 43 days.

This is definitely a major achievement and something not a lot of people would be able to do.

Blake Nubar Youtube Channel

A lot of internet marketers use Youtube.

In fact the last two I reviewed (Billy Gene Is Marketing and Anthony Morrison) upload to their Youtube channel almost everyday.

Blake's channel basically doesn't exist and only has one video:

 This isn't a bad thing, though.

A lot of marketers just put out junk videos to make money anyway. This shows me Blake is actually making money with funnels instead of just getting money talking about funnels.

Blake Nubar's Facebook Page

Instead of building up a Youtube channel it seems Blake puts most of his intention in his Facebook Group called Freedom Fighters.

Freedom Fighters is a page where people interested in funnels come together and the page claims it can help you create a million dollar funnel without experience.

I personally don't like when marketers make claims like that because it can set up false expectations.

If it were that easy everyone would be doing it.

But whenever you want to learn something new it's important to join a group of like minded people - it'll help cut down on the learning time and you can share your experiences/get help. 

Another name for this is a mastermind group and they're essential to success.

The group is pretty active as well and there's several posts a day.

However, there is one MAJOR downside to this group and that is it's free to join. 

Anytime you have a free Facebook group you're going to have a lot of newbies and people that don't know what they're doing. 

This can lead to bad advice and to a community that really isn't all that helpful.

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Blake Nubar's Website

There really isn't too much to Blake's website.

It's basically a one page sales page where you're prompted to "Discuss Your Next Project." 

They claim spots are limited, which must be the case because according to the site they're completely booked:

However, they'll still take your email and phone number so they can let you know when a spot is open.

This kind of seems like a marketing gimmick to get your email and phone number so they can sell you on stuff later. 

Blake Nubar's Courses

Most of Blake's attention seems to be in his Facebook Group and his personal mentorship, offered through his website.

In the past Blake sold a couple courses but he doesn't seem to really market them much anymore and they're hard to find.

His two main courses are:

  • Funnel Formula 
  • Social Media Lead Machine

Funnel Formula is the more popular of the courses and is pretty well received. 

This course teaches you how to build a funnel, use email marketing and how to automate your funnel to make you money around the clock. 

Blake Nubar Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and dislike about Blake Nubar


  • Crazy amount of success: According to Blake he's made over $10 million in sales on Clickfunnels and set the record for becoming the fastest to join 2 Comma Club (he joined in 43 days). These are major accomplishments. 
  • Expert on funnels: A lot of marketers put out tens of courses that go over different topics - in the end they're not experts in any of the topics the courses cover. Blake sticks with funnels and basically only teaches funnels. If that's what you want to learn, you'll learn them thoroughly with him. 


  • Overpromises on results: I don't really like that Blake promises to help you build a million dollar funnel despite your experience. I don't really like when promises are made like this. Most people aren't going to sniff a million dollars with a funnel.

Is Blake Nubar A Scam?

No, definitely not.

I actually like Blake Nubar more than most marketers and the main reason for this is he is an expert on a single topic.

He's not putting out a new course on a new topic every month like other people.

He teaches funnels. He succeeds with funnels. He's made millions with funnels.

If you want to learn funnels he's a good person to learn from.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Blake Nubar definitely is a competent marketer but there's better out there.

There's still plenty of legitimate ways to make money online.

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