Louis Navellier is out with a new pitch to sell his newsletter Breakthrough Stocks.

He claims his computer models are predicting a massive boom in the oil sector.

Louis gives out a lot of information in this presentation and I'm guessing you want some things clarified if you're here.

That's what I'll do in this post.

I've covered Louis Navellier many times in the past and you'll learn if he's trustworthy by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Big Energy Bet Summary

Creator: Louis Navellier

Newsletter: Breakthrough Profits

Cost: $1,795

Do I recommend? No.

Louis Navellier is hyping up a 5 stock portfolio called Energy Hypergrowth Portfolio.

Unfortunately Louis doesn't give any hints about these stocks so I couldn't figure them out.

However, I'm not someone that trusts Louis Navellier.

A couple years ago he was fined $30 million for defrauding his customers.

All this talk about advanced computer models is a bunch of BS too (Louis was fined $30 million for claiming he had advanced computer algorithms that could make you rich - he was lying).

The jist is the oil sector and natural gas sector is about to breakout and Louis wants to charge you $1,795 to learn which stocks to buy.

I believe this sector will breakout too but you don't need to give Louis money to learn natural gas stock picks. There's plenty of places to learn them for much less.

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Don't Buy Anything From Louis Navellier

Before we get into the Louis' Navellier Big Energy Bet I want to talk about Louis.

The whole point of this presentation is to try to sell you an expensive newsletter called Breakthrough Profits.

I want to make one thing clear - you should never buy anything from Louis Navellier.

There's a lot of really bad characters in the stock picking world and Louis Navellier is one of the worst of all.

First off, the guy is a shameless self promoter who is constantly talking about how rich his is.

His whole schtick is that he's rich and that's what really that matters. 

But besides his repulsive personality he's also a conman.

Just a couple years ago he was fined $30 million for defrauding his customers:

Basically Louis claimed he had a secret algorithm that made him a bunch of money.

It turns our he purchased the algorithm from a complete investing beginner and used hypnotical results as real ones. 

Louis made $15 million from this but got in big trouble.

I personally wouldn't want to buy anything from someone with so little regard for his own customers.

Lastly, Louis doesn't put out a track record that we can look at.

However, his mutual funds are garbage.

Over a three year stretch his mutual funds lost money and this was when the economy was doing good!

So there's no proof Louis is actually a competent stock picker and he's a certified fraudster.

Even if he's right that the natural gas sector will boom you still don't want to buy from him.

For example, my favorite stock picking service recommends natural gas stocks and they're much more trustworthy:

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What Is Louis Navellier's Big Energy Bet?

Alright so let's take a look at the presentation itself and see what Louis Navellier has to say.

Louis Is Betting On A Sector

This presentation starts the way all stock presentations do.. with a phony interview type setting.

The beginning starts with some Louis Navellier ballwashing.

The interviewer fawns over Louis' many successes and his riches.

Louis, not known for being humble, agrees that he is the greatest and very rich.

Louis claims his very advanced computer programs are signaling that a certain sector is going to boom.

Keep in mind Louis has sold phony stock programs in the past the supposedly helped find stocks.

The sector Louis is talking about is natural gas and oil.

There's actually a lot of different stock pickers giving out stock picks in natural gas right now.

Mainly it has to do with the Russian/Ukraine war.

The idea is Europe and other parts of the world will turn to America for gas instead of getting it from Russia.

The problem is we don't have the capacity to export natural gas the world needs at the moment.

Environmentalists and dependency on foreign oil stopped us from building pipelines, ships that transport gas, and refineries.

Stock pickers believe the energy crisis will change people's minds and lead to the development of new infrastructure. 

Louis Explains His Investing Strategy

After Louis talks about his very advanced computer programs and riches he talks about his investing strategy.

I actually agree with what he has to say here.

Instead of just focusing on one stock he's focusing on a handful. 

The reason you do this is it can be hard to pick a winner out of a half of dozen similar companies.

And if you do happen to pick the wrong one it could tank your portfolio.

If you're sure a sector is going to boom than picking a handful of similar companies is a good way to protect your portfolio.

The stocks will tend to move with the sector and if one of the companies is a bust you can cut it out.

Louis Gives No Hints About The Stocks

Most of the time stock pickers leave enough clues in their presentation to figure out the stocks they're hyping up.

In the past I've been able to figure out picks from Louis this way.

But Louis simply talks about his portfolio, Energy Hypergrowth Portfolio, in very general terms.

The only hint he drops is it has to do with gas.

Again, many stock pickers are giving picks out for their favorite natural gas picks.

Porter Stansberry is currently recommending EQT, Tellurian and Viper Energy Partners.

So if you need some gas picks they're out there.

No need to pay Louis Navellier thousands of dollars to learn about his 5 stocks.

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What Is Breakthrough Stocks?

Breakthrough Stocks is the investing newsletter that's ultimatelty being ptiched by Louis here.

This is an expensive product that focuses on small cap growth stocks.

These are very risky picks and lets you know the gas picks he's going to recommend are going to small cap.

This is a very standard offer and comes with what a hundred other investing newsletters offer.

This includes a monthly newsletter with new stock picks, alerts and special reports (the Hypergrowth Energy Portfolio).

However, there's no refunds for this newsletter!

I would never recommend a stock picking service that costs thousands of dollars if there's no way to get your money back.

Especially when you're dealing with a shady character like Louis Navellier.

That alone should be enough to keep you from buying Breakthrough Stocks. 


So that's the end of my summary of Louis Navellier's Big Energy Bet.

Unfortunately Louis left no clues about the stock picks.

We know they're all in for the gas sector and they're going to be small cap stocks.

However, I DO NOT recommend buying Louis' stock picks to figure out the stocks.

It's way too expensive and there's no refunds.

There's plenty of gas plays out there if you're really interested in investing in this sector.

Just search around and you'll figure good ones out.

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