Just got an email from InvestorPlace hyping up presentation called "Early Warning Summit."

It featured Louis Navellier, Eric Fry and Luke Lango.

In the end these three are pitching an investment product called Power Portfolio 2023.

I took a look at this new service and reviewed it below.

Additionally, I show the many red flags attached to this offer.

By the time you're done reading you'll know if it's right for you.

Let's get started!

Power Portfolio 2021 Summary

Creator: Louis Navellier, Eric Fry and Luke Lango

Price to join: $1799

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2/5

I'd pass on the Power Portfolio 2023.

There's just too many red flags to ignore.

Louis Navellier is a known scammer and fraudster - this has been proven in court.

Most of the stock picks from Luke I've seen in the past haven't performed well as of late.

Eric Fry is the most respectable of the three but he's not enough to make up for Louis and Luke.

There's not even a refund policy.

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Louis Navellier Is A Convicted Fraudster

Louis Navellier is the lead guy at InvestorPlace and he's one of three stock pickers involved in the Power Portfolio 2023.

I've covered him several times on this website and wrote a complete review of him in the past.

I personally can't stand Louis.

His entire persona is about how rich he is and it's all he ever talks about.

My bigger issue with Louis is how he makes his money - by defrauding customers.

Here's a few reason why I recommend everyone stay far, far away from anything Louis is selling:

Fined $30 Million For Fraud

Like I said.. Louis makes a big deal of his wealth.

Anyone who can only talk about their money is repulsive but people like this are more digestible if they make money in legit ways.

Louis' has proven he is more than comfortable screwing his customers over for personal gain, though.

Just a couple years ago the SEC fined Navellier $30 million for defrauding customers:

Louis bought and marketed a completely phony trading algorithm and passed it off as legitimate.

Louis made up fake results from this trading program and pretended they were real.

In total customers spent over a billon on the product and Louis pocketed $15 million.

However, misleading customers like this is fraud and Louis was nailed for it back in 2020.

Navellier has proven he cares little about what happens to his customers.

No History Of Success 

Another thing to keep in mind is Louis has no real proof he's a good stock picker.

If you got through the Early Warning Summit you'll see many references to him being this awesome investor.

On the sales page of one of his newsletters he claims to have beaten the market by 9X!:

However, if you look up the returns for his mutual funds you see a completely different picture:

Over a three year period his mutual funds are in the red!

The average return of the market every year is 10%.

So do you think Louis can actually beat the market by 9X?

Luke Lango's Lousy Year

I've been following Luke Lango this year.

He's constantly putting out these flashy stock presentations promising massive returns.

According to the Early Warning Summit presentation Luke is one of the top stock pickers according to Tipranks.

However, just like Louis, his actual stock picking performance paints a completely different story.

Here's a few of Luke's stock picks that I've followed this year (everyone has been a loser):


Ilika is a stock that Luke claims is his "#1 Electric Vehicle Stock Of The Decade."

He claimed this company was creating a "forever battery" and was a "$3 gem:"

However, the stock has absolutely TANKED ever since Luke started recommending it.

It's lost around 90% of its value very quickly:

A truly awful stock pick.

Ginkgo Bioworks

Ginkgo Bioworks is another company Luke was hyping up earlier in 2022.

He called it "the next Microsoft."

Ginkgo Bioworks is biotech company that creates synthetic cells.

Many of Luke's colleagues are pushing this stock as well.

It turns out Ginkgo might be a complete scam:

Regardless of the legitimacy of the company the stock has tanked.

Luke recommended it at $4 and sits under $2 now:

Oxford Nanopore

Oxford Nanopore is another biotech stock Luke was pushing back in April 2022.

This stock has suffered the same fate as the rest, though.

He recommended it over $5 and it's currently under $3:


Aeva is the last stock I've followed from Luke this year and he recommended it back in June 2022.

Aeva is a LiDAR company and this technology helps cars drive themselves.

A bunch of these cmopanies have gone pulbic in the last coulple of years and Aeva is Luke's pick to explode.

However, it's down just like every other stock Luke has recommended this year:

The market hasn't gotten any better since Luke started recommending these stocks.

I just don't think now is the time to be listening to him.

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Eric Fry Is Decent

Of the three Eric Ery seems like the most legitimate.

Now I personally wouldn't trust anyone that works alongside Louis Navellier.

There's nothing redeemable about Louis and any person who lends Louis legitimacy has questionable morals.

I did a full review of Eric that you can read here if you're interested.

His investment style is described as "finding big picture trends that drive huge multiyear moves in entire sections.

So you can expect to find growth companies and emerging tech companies from Eric.

What Is Power Portfolio Offering?

Basically this is a just a marketing gimmick to get you to sign up for InvestorPlace's newsletters.

They offer you a special report of the Top 8 Stocks of 2023 and the Top 4 Income Stocks of 2023.

With this you get a year subscription to the Louis' newsletter Growth Investor, Luke Lango's Innovation Report and Fry's Investment Report.

They claim a subscription to these newsletters costs $600 a year but that's not true.

InvestorPlace runs plenty of promos where you can get all three newsletters combined for under $100.

So you're paying $1799 for 12 stock picks and $100 worth of newsletters.

This is a really awful deal.

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There Is No Refund Policy

InvesotPlace does this sneaky thing where they offer refunds on their cheap products but not their expensive products.

The Power Portfolio 2023 does not come with a refund policy.

Instead it comes with performance guarantees.

The first guarantee is they promise to beat the market by 3X.

If they don't beat the market by 3X you get another year of the service for free.

The second guarantee is the portfolio will end up positive.

Again, if you don't end up positive you get a free year of the service.

At the end of the day the service is just 12 stock picks.

So if this product stinks (good chance) you just get 12 more stock picks for 2024 that have a chance of stinking as well.

It's worth it for InvestorPlace to give away multiple free years to get you to pay $1799.

Power Portfolio 2023 Pros And Cons

  • Louis Navellier is a fraudster: You never want to buy anything from Louis Navellier.. they guy literally was fined $30 million for defrauding investors.
  • Luke is having a bad year: They hype Luke up like he never picks a bad stock but every stock I've looked at this year from him has stunk.
  • Way too expensive: The service costs $1799 and I'm just not seeing how they can justify this cost.
  • No refunds: There's no way to get your money back, even if the stock picks stink.

Power Portfolio Conclusion

So that's the end of my review of the Power Portfolio.

As you can tell I'm not a big fan of anyone at InvestorPlace.

It's a typical investing publishers - their goal is to milk you for as much as possible.

They use gimmick marketing to do so and they'll upsell the hell out of you once you buy.

I REALLY don't like Louis Navellier and Luke isn't someone I'm impressed with.

Eric Fry is decent but he's not worth $1799 to listen to.

I'd avoid this offer.

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I'd pass on Power Portfolio.

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