The Opportunistic Trader is an investing service run by Larry Benedict.

He claims this is the "best trading opportunity" out there..

So I guess the question is this all legit or another trading scam?

You'll get an answer to that in this review and you'll see any red flags I find about Larry and this company.

You'll know if The Opportunistic Trader is worth by the time you're reading.

Let's get started!

The Opportunistic Trader Summary

Creator: Larry Benedict

Price to join: $19 to $4,000 per year

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 1.5/5

This is just a relaunch of a failed service.

The customer ratings for this publisher is very low and there's plenty of red flags.

There's a reason these option alert service usually lose people money.

I'd avoid.

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The Opportunistic Trader Video Review

The Opportunistic Trader Is Just A Repackaged Failure

Before we get into to what The Opportunistic Trader is offering I just want to explain its history.

This service used to be at a publisher called Omnia Research which was owned by a massive company called Agora.

Agora at the time was the biggest distributor of stock newsletters in the world and made hundreds of millions per year.

The problem is Agora has gained a really bad reputation over the years and is starting to shrink in size.

For example, Agora was fined millions of dollars for defrauding elderly people:

Kind of hard to a keep a brand together when you're doing stuff like this.

The Opportunistic Trader didn't perform well either and got very bad customer reviews.

Over on Stock Gumshoe this service was rated by over 35 customers and it only has a 1.4/5 rating:

There's too much money in the stock picking industry, though, and the people making millons aren't going to just give up this money.

So a bunch of former Agora publishers came together and created a new company called Marketwise.

Marketwise is actually a publicly traded company and in their second year are already making hundreds of millions in revenue - they'll probably make over $500 million in revenue this year.

The Opportunistic Trader is the newest former Agora publisher to join Marketwise.

Nothing has really changed about how The Opportunistic Trader works and its quality.

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Brace Yourselves For Upsells And Deception

You should stay away from almost all Marketwise products.

They don't treat their customers well and look to milk every dime they can from you.

Here's a couple reasons why you should stay away from any Marketwise product:

You Become A Target

Once you enter your credit card in to buy a product from The Opportunistic Trader you will be treated like a target, not a cherished customer.

The Opportunistic Trader works just like every other Marketwise publisher.

The website is the same, the price for the products is the same, the way it's marketed is the same.

The main product being pitched at The Opportunistic Trader is One Ticker Trader.

You can buy it for $19 for the first year ($129 per year after).

Do you think Marketwise makes $500 million in revenue PER YEAR by selling $19 subscriptions?

Of course not.

You're going to get promotions for products that cost thousands of dollars around the clock.

There's two services at The Opportunistic Trader that cost thousands per year - the real goal is to get you to buy those programs.

Also, you'll be pitched other newsletters from Marketwise publishers.

Some of the products come from legitimate scammers and criminals. 

Scammers, Criminals And Loathsome People

Another way Marketwise drives sales is to cross promote products.

You see your email is very valuable to Marketwise and once you've buy one product from them they know you're more likely to buy another.

They know you'll even pay thousands if marketed to the right way.

The Opportunistic Trader is newer and it's not even listed on the Marketwise website yet.

I learned about it because it was being promoted by a guy named Jeff Clark Trader.

Jeff Clark is under the Marketwise umbrella and his services are very badly reviewed.

But he's not the worst person you'll be marketed to if you buy anything from The Opportunistic Trader.

For example, Teeka Tiwari is a guy you'll be promoted to, is such a bad scammer he's banned from working on Wall Street.

Louis Navellier is another character you'll be told is some trusted source of investing knowledge.

A couple years ago he was fined $30 million for defrauding stock investors:

Do you really want your money going to any of these people?

No reputable person would ever work alongside Teeka Tiwari or Louis Navellier.

This is why I say stay away from Marketwise and The Opportunistic Trader.

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What Is The Opportunistic Trader Offering?

There's three different premium products for sales at The Opportunistic Trader.

Here's a breakdown of each.

One Ticker Trader ($19 For First Year, $129 Per Year After)

The first product being offered at The Opportunistic Trader is One Ticker Trader.

This product is pretty simple and just sends you 3 to 5 call or put option trades a month.

Each month will focus on a new theme or stock - this is why it's called "one ticker" because you're trading one stock ticker the entire month.

Additionally, you get an option trading guide (how to set up an account, how to trade them, etc.).

The Opportunistic Trader ($4000 Per Year)

This program is very similar to One Ticker Trader but just gives you more option trades.

Instead of getting new trade ideas monthly, you'll be getting them weekly here.

Additionally, you get the option trading education program too.

Lastly, you get a special report called "How To Capitalize On The 4 Most Profitable Days This Year).

This report teaches you how to make money around seasonal events.

The S&P Trader ($4000 Per Year)

This is the second upsell at The Opportunistic Trader and revolves around a concept Larry calls "the 7 day blitz."

This is a period where Larry claims stocks see explosions in gains.

You'll get alerts on when to make these "7day blitz" trades.

On top of that you'll get a new trade alert on a ticker in the S&P 500 once a week.

There's a bunch of reports as well which includes:

  • A guide on how to do the "7 day blitz"
  • 7 part video series on how to retire with one ticker
  • A report on vertical spread training.
  • Bonus trade alerts
  • Alerts
  • Portfolio updates

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The Opportunistic Trader FAQ's

Still have some questions about The Opportunistic Trader?

Here's answers to any questions you might have:

1) Is The Prices Fair At The Opportunistic Trader?

The prices at The Opportunistic Trader are the same as other Marketwise Publishers.

They've been fine tuning their sales funnels for a decade and they know how to get people to buy very expensive services.

The prices are designed to keep you buying and to buy more expensive products each time.

So $19 may not seem bad but it's all to get you into the sales funnel where you'll be bombarded with promotions.

2) Is There A Refund Policy?

The refund policy at The Opportunistic Trader is very, very deceptive.

They offer a refund but it's not a money back refund.. instead it's only a credit refund:

So you'll only be able to get your money back to buy other Marketwise products.

That's a very bad refund.

3) Is Larry Benedict Legit?

I mean.. maybe he had a legit Wall Street career at one point and maybe he ran a legit hedge fund.

It's so hard to tell if what people are saying is the truth or not.

He apparently launched a hedge fund in 2000 called Banyan Equity Management.

I can't really find any information about it, though.

At the end of the day his services now are all that matter.

In the past The Opportunistic Trader has been very poorly reviewed.

It's honestly one of the worst reviewed services I have seen.

So that should answer your question if Larry is legit or not.

4) What's The Biggest Red Flags?

Besides the poor customer reviews I would say that it's a Marketwise product.

It's a headache to deal with this company and their publishers.

You are going to get so many upsells and deceptive marketing ads if you buy any product from Larry.

Some products will come from legitimate criminals and scammers.

It's not worth it in most cases to buy a Marketwise product - their main goals is squeeze every penny they can out of you.

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Pros And Cons

  • Bad refund policy: You only get a credit refund if you buy any of the products. That's pretty lame.
  • Marketwise product: Marketwise exists to make money from you. They want you to spend thousands and will try every trick in the book to do so.
  • Bad reviews: The Opportunistic Trader has gotten bad reviews in the past.
  • Expensive upsells: A lot of the products at this publisher cost thousands per year which is way too much.

The Opportunistic Trader Conclusion

Well I hope you enjoyed my review of The Opportunistic Trader.

I had pretty low expectations when I started this review and The Opportunistic Trader didn't even meet those low expectations.

Usually I can find one thing to like about an investing service but in this case I can't.

There's really nothing to like.

The option alerts don't seem to work as you can see from customer reviews.

This doesn't surprise me because most option alert services don't work.

Usually the price changes by the time you try to make to make the trade.

So even if Larry is profitable you might not be.

Then you have the aggressive upsells and bad refund policy.

It's just not worth it in my opinion.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on The Opportunistic Trader.

Most option alert services aren't good and this one doesn't seem to be the exception.

The good news is there's still a lot of good places to get stock picks.

I've reviewed all the best places to get good stock ideas.

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  • I received a marketing email promoting The Opportunistic Trader. The research I conducted was for review purposes only with no intent on making a purchase. My interest is based on a friend who is founder and CEO of an options software subscription firm. Based on the Opportunistic Trader pitch document and more importantly your review, this is pure trash. There are so many red flags and contradictions listed within the pitch document that should prevent people from subscribing. I did locate the Uniform Application For Investment Adviser Registration for Banyan Equity Management, LLC dated February 02, 2017. And the registration termination dated June 13, 2017, so a solid four months.

    Excellent review and hopefully prevented others from parting with their money.

  • I suggest reading The Game in Wall Street – Hoyle (1898). You will immediately see that Larry Benedict is “General’ of one of the “POOLS” operating on Wall street.

  • Have you used any of his strategies? I’ve seen at least one in action and your description sounds too vague to be considered a legitimate review.

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