Daily 10X Stock Report is an investing service run by Luke Lango.

He claims he can help you 10X your money if you sign up for this newsletter..

Is this a legitimate offer or just another stock scam?

We'll get to the bottom of this question in this review.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this newsletter including background information, price to join and any red flags I find (there's many!).

You'll know if Daily 10X Stock Report is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Daily 10X Stock Report Summary

Creator: Luke Lango

Price to join: $49 per month

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2/5

Luke claims he can help you find 1000% returns with this newsletter. 

And because he's picking a stock everyday there's a chance it can happen every once in a while.

But it's basically pure luck when he does.

He's going to pick a lot of losers in this time and nobody can possibly invest in a new stock every day.

Unless you have the ability to shift through which ones will be losers and which ones will be winners this newsletter won't help you 10X your money.

Because of this I'd pass.

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InvestorPlace Is A Rotten Place

Before we get into Luke and Daily 10X Stock Report I want to comment on the publisher of this newsletter - InvestorPlace.

I don't like InvestorPlace and there's a lot of reasons why.

Here's why I generally avoid any products from this publisher:

Run By A Legitimate Scam Artist

Louis Navellier is the main face at InvestorPlace and he has products that cost over $10,000 at InvestorPlace.

Louis is a repulsive figure that is constantly bragging about how much money he has.

I could stomach Louis' bragging if he earned his wealth legitimately but it's unlikely he got rich from stocks.

He earned his money from selling stock picks and newsletters.. and ripping off customers.

Just two years ago he was fined $30 million for defrauding his customers:

Louis mislead customers about his stock picking track record to sell them a fraudulent product.

The guy is horrible and I personally wouldn't want my money going to his house or car payments.

Owned By MarketWise

Another red flag about InvestorPlace is that it's owned by MarketWise.

Marketwise owns more than a dozen of the most well known investing publishers and launched last summer in 2021 (it's a publicly traded company).

MarketWise is sort of a spin off of Agora which used to be the top dog in the investing world.

But after getting caught defrauding senior citizens many of the publishers fled.

Eventually they came together to create MarketWise.

The problem with InvestoPlace being in the MarketWise umbrella is you'll be cross promoted newsletters from other publishers at MarketWise.

People like Teeka Tiwari from Palm Beach Research Group will be marketed as some trusted expert to you.

In reality Teeka was tossed from Wall Street and can never work there again.

There's just too many scammers, clowns and low quality stock pickers at MarketWise.

Insane Upsells

Lastly, when you buy from InvestorPlace you're going to get an insane amount of upsells.

You see MarketWise is already making well over $500 million in revenue every year and they're not doing that selling $49 subscriptions.

They reach that high number upselling their current customers.

Their goal is to milk every dollar they can out of you and they're experts at doing it.

Everyday you'll get bombarded with manipulative and persuasive sales presentations for products that cost thousands of dollars.

It's extremely annoying and it's something customers hate.

The last place you want to be in is a InvestorPlace/MarketWise sales funnel.

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Luke Lango's Stock Performance

I've covered Luke many times this year and have been following some of his big stock picks.

All of the picks I've tracked have been BIG losers.

Here's how a few of them have performed this year:

Ginkgo Bioworks In April 2022

Back in April Luke recommended a company called Ginkgo Bioworks which is a biotech stock.

Apparently the company makes synthetic cells that can be used in making food and fighting disease.

There's A LOT of controversy with this stock, though.

A very successful hedge fund, Scorpion Capital, famously shorted this stock and produced a 175 page report that explained why they believe the company is completely fraudulent.

The people at Scorpion Capital believe hedge funds are marketing this stock to "pimp the latest synthetic biology scam."

It's a fascinating read.

The thing is many publishers and stock pickers under the MarketWise umbrella were pitching this stock.

This includes Whitney Tilson over at Empire Financial Research.

This leads me to believe MarketWise was paid to promote the stock.

I don't see how multiple stock pickers from different publishers would all start promoting the stock at the same time unless they were paid to.

This is pretty bad if this is true because the stock has performed very poorly this year:

It's down about 60% since Luke and the rest of the crew at MarketWise started "pimping" it.

Ilika In September 2021

Ilika is a stock that Luke claimed would be the "#1 electric vehicle stock of the decade."

They create batteries that'll be used in electric cars.

However, the stock has done VERY poorly since Luke recommended it back in 2021:

The stock has pretty much lost all of its value since then.

Aeva In June 2022

Over the summer Luke started pitching Aeva which he called Project Titan Prospectus.

Aeva is a Lidar company and this technology will eventually help cars be fully autonomous.

There's many of these companies now and about 10 or so have gone public in the last few years.

Basically all Lidar stocks have done poorly this year and Aeva is no different than the rest - it's lost over 50% of its value in under 6 months.

As you can see Luke can really pick some stinkers.

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What Is Daily 10X Stock Report Offering?

This investing services is a little different than previous ones that I've covered.

Most of these newsletters are monthly services that send you some investing ideas in a long form newsletter.

However, this is a daily stock picking service and the focus is on small cap companies (penny stocks).

Every day before the market opens you'll get a new stock idea focusing on one of these small companies. 

The goal is to 10X your money in a relatively short period.

It seems like most of the stock ideas won't be held for more than a year.

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Daily 10X Stock Report FAQ's

Still have some questions about this newsletter?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have about Daily 10X Stock Report:

1) How Much Does It Cost?

This newsletter costs $19 for the first month and then is $49 per month after.

This is a pretty good price considering you're getting a new stock pick every weekday.

Just keep in mind the goal is to get you into the sales funnel, though.

Once in the sales funnel you'll be marketed products MUCH more expensive.

2) Is There A Refund Policy?

No and usually this is a big deal but it's not that big in this case.

You get to try it for $19 and that's supposed to be your trial period.

You can cancel if you don't like the stocks you're getting and only be down $19.

3) Can I 10X My Money With This Newsletter?

The concept behind this newsletter is you get stock picks that have the chance to 10X.

Because the newsletter is focusing on small cap stocks it's entirely possible to 10X your money BUT you won't being doing it consistently.

Luke likes to brag he's found four 10X winner in the first 180 editions of the Daily 10X Stock Report.

But if you look at the math that means only 2.2% of the picks were 10X winners.

What about the rest?

You can't possibly invest in every stock Luke recommends.

You're probably only going to be investing in 10% of them at the most.

So you have to try to determine which of the picks will be winners and which won't.

Small cap stocks are extremely volatile and it's possible to lose 100% of your investment very quickly.

The best hedge funds in the world have a hard time beating the market.

The idea you'll be able to 10X your money all the time is silly and won't happen.

4) What Is The Investing Strategy?

The investing strategy seems to be throw a bunch of stocks at the wall and see what sticks.

I mean a new stock pick every day is pretty crazy and there's zero chance anyone could invest in all of these stocks (unless you're investing $10 into each).

Other than that the focus is on small cap stocks or penny stocks.

These stocks do offer high returns but many of these companies turn out bad.

Look at some of the small cap stocks Luke recommended this year.

Ilika, Aeva, Ginkgo Bioworks - all small cap and all big time losers.

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Daily 10X Stock Report Pros And Cons

  • Cheap: Although being in an InvestorPlace sales funnel is terrible this particular product is cheap.
  • Luke has had a bad year: Every stock pick I've been following from Luke is down big time. His picks seemed to tank this year.
  • InvestorPlace: InvestorPlace is run by a scam artist and they don't treat their customers well.
  • Annoying upsells: Your inbox is going to become useless if you sign up because you'll be bombarded with upsells every day. It's annoying. 

Daily 10X Stock Report Conclusion

So that's the end of my review of Daily 10X Stock Report.

The only thing really going for this newsletter is it's pretty affordable.

It's only $19 for the first month and then $49 for every month after - not bad for a new stock pick every day.

But besides that there's nothing to like.

To be honesty investing in a new stock every day is silly.

It's better to get fewer well researched stock picks then to get too many not well researched stock picks.

There's no way Luke and his team can be sure about all of these stocks.

It can be hard to find accurate information about a small cap stock and every time you invest in one there's a lot of risk.

Sure you might hit on a few but you can also lose 100% of your investment over night.

I personally wouldn't make me entire strategy investing in these penny stocks.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Daily 10X Stock Report - I'm not a fan of the investing strategy and don't trust Luke to pick good stocks.

The good news is there's plenty of quality alternatives.

I've personally reviewed over 100+ stock picking services..

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