Joshua Elder is a Youtuber that talks about making money online and he has a sales funnel called High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator. 

If you're here you're probably wondering if Joshua Elder is a scam artist or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Joshua including background information, price to join his offers, overview of what you get and more.

You'll know if he's worth buying from by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Joshua Elder Summary

Product: High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator

Price to join: $47 per month + tens of thousands to join everything in his sales funnel.

Do I recommend? Absolutely not.

   Overall rating: 0/5

Joshua Elder has very sophisticated sales funnels but the offers in those sales funnels are absolutely awful.

He pushes many terrible (and often illegal) pyramid and ponzi schemes.

His goal is to get you to invest thousands of dollars in these schemes and to go out and recruit others to do the same.

He gets a portion of all money invested underneath him. There's no long term money to be made here and there's a high chance of losing tens of thousands.

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

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Josh Elder Pushes Scams

I picked the picture above of Joshua because of what it says on his hat.. perhaps his subconscious talking?

Either way it's a completely accurate description of him.

As far as an internet marketer goes Joshua is a good one.

He has a Youtube channel that has over 80k subscribers and the funnels he uses to sell products are expert level.

In that regard he knows what he's doing.

However, Joshua seems to be lacking in the morality department and pushes the absolute worst of the worst businesses on his naive audience.

I'll be breaking down the businesses he tries to get you to join in the next section but they're mostly pyramid schemes and ponzi schemes.

Many of the offers illegally operate and you're most likely going to lose money with them.

Joshua makes money by recruiting you into these systems.. he gets a commission for every deposit you make.

Further, he gets a commission every time you recruit someone and they pay into the scheme.. and when your recruit recruits someone he also gets a commissions.. and so on and so on.

In the end only people at the top of the pyramid (Joshua) will make any money. This business model looks like the following:

Pyramid schemes and ponzi schemes are illegal in every part of the world.

Joshua could eventually get in trouble legally for promoting these businesses and so could you.

So there's more at risk than just losing your money. 

Unraveling High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator

High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator is essentially a funnel that you get to market if you join.

Your goal is to market the funnel and get people to join.. with the goal of them joining the offers in the funnel.

The catch is, though, you can only make money from the offers in the funnels if you join them yourself.. which will cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The problem is most of the offers in funnel are pyramid schemes and ponzi schemes.

I've actually come across most of the offers Joshua is trying to get you to join.. I review these kind of businesses for a living.

To the untrained eye they might seem like good ways to make money but they're the exact opposite.. most people will lose their money.

Let's take a look at various businesses Joshua tries to get you to join once you enter his sales funnel.

Multiple Income Funnel 

The first product Joshua tries to get you to join is called Multiple Income Funnel, which I reviewed about two weeks ago.

Multiple Income Funnel works almost exactly like Joshua's funnels except the pyramid schemes offers are different.

After you join for $49 per month you're given funnels to try and get people to sign up to Multiple Income Funnel.. the goal being to get people to join various pyramid schemes.

These pyramid schemes are:

  • Easy1Up
  • Textbot AI
  • Traffic Authority
  • OPM Wealth

If you want to make money from recruiting people into the pyramid schemes you will have to join them, though.

Here's the costs to join each one of those schemes:

  • Easy1Up costs between $25 to $2000
  • Textbot AI costs $100
  • Traffic Authority costs between $220 to $8397
  • OPM Wealth costs between $2000 to $27000 

When you pay those fees Joshua will get a portion because he recruited you into Multiple Income Funnel.

He'll also make money off of everyone you recruit and who your recruit's recruit, etc.

The point is when you add up the costs of Multiple Income Funnel it's not $49 per month.. it's tens of thousands to get the full benefit of the program.

And the only way to make any money is to recruit people into the scams.


Forsage is a program that I reviewed over the summer. 

Forsgae is known as a gifting scheme and again uses the pyramid scheme business model.

You deposit Ethereum (a cryptocurrency) into Forsage and then have to recruit people to join under you.

It plays out in a 2X2 matrix which looks like following:

There's no products to sell or anything like that.

The only way to make a return is to fill every position under you. Some commissions get passed up to you, others get passed up to Joshua and others get passed up even higher.

This scheme is guaranteed to collapse because you can't recruit forever. Once recruitment slows down there won't be enough money to pay everyone and whoever didn't make money by then will lose all of their money.

Entre Institute 

Entre Institute isn't a pyramid scheme but is a high ticket affiliate offer that comes with RIDICULOUSLY high prices.

The initial cost of joining Entre Institute is only $39.

This program will teach you basic information about various online business models.. this includes affiliate marketing, creating a digital product and ecommerce.

The training isn't enough to actually help you get started with these business models, though, and that's where the upsells come in.

After you join for $39 you'll be pitched higher offers which cost the following:

  • Entre Nation Elite costs $49 per month
  • Entre Digital costs $1997
  • Entre Results costs $15,000 per year
  • Entre Inner Circle costs $29,997 per year

Again, Joshua gets a percentage of every package that you buy.

Perpetual Income 365

Perpetual Income 365 isn't a pyramid scheme either but works a lot like High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator does.

You pay to basically get access to the sales funnel and remarket the sales funnel to others.

A big problem here is there's massive upsells that will cost you hundreds of dollars and the training is very basic.

It just teaches buying solo ads and marketing the funnel to this traffic.

Also, when I wrote a negative review about Perpetual Income 365 last year the owner threatened to sue me LOL.

Not the kind of guy you want to be doing business with.

7k Metals

7k Metals is another pyramid scheme and costs between $249 to $499 to join.

7k Metals has no retail sales and relies entirely on recruitment to make money.

The problem with this is you can't recruit forever.

Without retail sales the scheme is guaranteed to collapse when recruitment slows down.. there simply won't be enough money to pay everyone out.

People pull out when this happens and most people will lose money.


Beurax is a separate scam that Joshua is promoting from his Youtube channel.

Joshua started pushing Beurax back in November.

This is a combination of a ponzi scheme and pyramid scheme.

The company claims they can make you money with secret crypto trading bots but aren't registered with any regulatory bodies.

This means they've never proven they have any bots and are operating illegally.

This is known as a ponzi scheme and the only way money is being made here is by recruitment.. which is where the pyramid scheme aspect comes into play.

Now Joshua had been pushing this for months and had a link to sign up under his videos (that's how he recruits people).

But as I'm writing this he released a video yesterday essentially coming clean that Beurax is a scam:

Joshua claims he invested $90,000 into Beurax and is probably going to lose it all.

This is what happens 100% of the time with these kind of schemes and I'm sure Joshua knows this.

So I'm a little skeptical that he invested anything into it.

I think he's misleading about how much he invested so people would sign up with his link.

Joshua never tells you how much he made from recruiting people into this scam either.

Even though he's essentially admitted the Beurax is a scam he hasn't pulled his links promoting it yet.

It's been 24 hours too.

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Joshua Elder FAQs

1) Is High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator worth $47 per month?

Absolutely not.

You're not getting anything for your money besides the opportunity to remarket the sales funnel and join a bunch of pyramid schemes.

Even if promoting pyramid schemes doesn't bother you, you don't need to join High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator to join them.

This sales funnel is 100% to make Joshua money and that's it. 

You can end up losing tens of thousands if you join.

2) What are your thoughts on Joshua Elder?

He's a scammer.

Joshua does have very good talent as an internet marketer.. there's no denying that.

The problem is he's only looking to milk people of money. That's it.

There's no excuse for promoting the programs that he does. He fully understands they're ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes.

3) What do you get with the High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator?

The first section goes over tools that you'll need like Clickfunnels.

From there you'll be persuaded to join a bunch of pyramid schemes and other high ticket affiliate offers (that are poor quality).

Lastly, you'll get training on how to promote this sales funnel on Youtube and how to get people into your downline.

4) What doe High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator teach?

This course teaches you how to market the sales funnel on Youtube using free ads and paid ads.

So it basically teaches affiliate marketing and network marketing to build a downline.

5) Are there any testimonials?

Not that I could see.. I'm guessing most people won't have success joining this program.

6) Is there a refund policy?

There's a strict no refund policy.

7) How much will I need to get started?

You will need thousands and thousands of dollars to join all the programs.

If you wanted to invest in everything it would probably cost $50,000+.

Keep in mind the odds of making any money with these programs is very low.. it would be a waste of money to join.

8) Are there any alternatives?

Yes, there's plenty of programs that will teach you how to make money online in a legitimate way.

To see my favorite, click below:

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Joshua Elder Pros And Cons

  • Pushes scams on you: It's clear Joshua makes most of his money tricking people into joining pyramid schemes and ponzi schemes. This is a scummy thing to do.
  • No refund policy: He claims because this is a digital product there aren't refunds.. however most reviews of digital products I do come with a refund policy.
  • No real training: There's very little training in High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator. You get basic Youtube training so you can remarket the funnel and all of it's scams. 
Final Thoughts

I'm not a big fan of the stuff Joshua Elder is doing..

In fact, this is the kind of person I like the least online. He's a talented marketer and doesn't need to resort to pushing scams on people.

It's clear Joshua is a greedy person and doesn't mind you losing thousands.. as long as he gets paid.

Avoid anything he recommends and tries selling you.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I hope you see Joshua Elder for what he is now.

The good news is there's plenty of legitimate training programs that will teach you how to create an online business... without scamming people.

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Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

  • This is 100% fake, he pays for his articles to be posted online. There are currently multiple legal investigations into him and his businesses.

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