Neolife, formerly known as Golden Neolife Diamite International (GNLD), is a MLM that's 75 years old and is one of the longest running MLM's in existence.

That's pretty impressive considering most Multi-Level Marketing companies don't make it more than two years.

But you may be wondering if this company is a scam if you've been approached to join.

If so, this post is for you!

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Neolife including background information, price to join, compensation plan breakdown, product overview and more. 

By the time you're done reading you'll know if NeoLife is right for you. 

Let's get into it!

NeoLife Summary

Company: NeoLife

Price to join: $49 + $440 to $1530 starter kit (optional)

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Although NeoLife has a lot of quality products and clearly have cracked some sort of MLM secret code to exist for 75 years, I don't recommend that you join this company.

There's many reasons for this and the main ones are an extremely low success rate (most people will lose money here) and there's pay to play here (the more you pay when you sign up, the more access to the compensation plan you get).

Also, there's autoshipment requirements that will cost you hundreds a month and could get NeoLife in trouble one day with the FTC.

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NeoLife FAQ'S

1) What is NeoLife? NeoLife is a Multi-Level Marketing company that exists in the nutrition market. This company is 75 years old and was founded by Jerry Brassfield after he found a lot of success in direct selling.

The company was called Golden Neolife Diamite International and was rebranded to  Neolife in 2013 (a lot of people still call it by its old name). 

2) How do you make money here? Like I said this is a MLM which means you sign up for a fee to be able to sell NeoLife's products for a commission.

Also, you get paid for recruiting and building your downline. There's also bonuses for various sales activities. 

3) Are there any red flags? There's actually not much in NeoLife's history that raises any red flags. However, there's issues with the compensation plan that could lead to problems down the road (mainly autoshipment).

4) Are there any similar products? There are literally hundreds of health MLM's out there and some popular ones are Amare Global, Truvision Health, Morinda and much more. 

Is NeoLife A Pyramid Scheme?

Here's the thing..

Pyramid schemes are illegal in basically all countries in the world. The reason for this is basically no one makes money except the people who get in early and they're extremely volatile (most collapse shorty after launching).

NeoLife has been around for 75 years and it would be hard for a pyramid scheme to exist this long.

So that means NeoLife is good, right? Not exactly.

Below is what a typical pyramid scheme looks like:

The above happens when recruiting is the only way to make money because the product offered by a company is a scam or non-existent. 

NeoLife has legitimate products and you can make money selling them without recruitment.

But there are such things as product based pyramid schemes. This happens when the majority of a company's revenue comes from their own distributors buying products. 

NeoLife made changes to their compensation plan in the last couple of years that really push autoshipment on their distributors. 

Autoshipment is when distributors are basically forced to buy products every month for hundreds of dollars.

This is a grey zone and could eventually get NeoLife in trouble with regulators. 

Success Will Be Rare Here

Do you know why so many people hate MLM's in general? Because most people that join one end up losing money (plus there's an unlimited amount of scams out there that masquerade as MLM's).

Below is a chart that you can find on NeoLife's website that shows how many people make money and how much they make (keep in mind this chart just shows people that are making more than $500 a year and not people who make less or lose money - most people makes less than $500 a year or lose money):

As you can see of the people that make more than $500 a year 72.1% make less than $2301 for the year. 

That's less than $191.75 a month (not worth the effort you'd have to put in to make that much).

If you count everyone (including the people who lose money) it would probably be 99% make less than $2301 for the year.

Below is some even more eye opening MLM stats

As you can see you'll want to avoid all MLM's and not just NeoLife. 

NeoLife Can Be Expensive To Join

Technically there's only one cost to joining Neolife and that's a $49 affiliate fee when you sign up.

But there's much more to joining MLM's than that. 

If you want full access to the compensation plan you have to buy a pricey starter kit. Here's the different packs and their price:

  • Builder Kit ($40)
  • Manager Kit ($785)
  • Senior Manager Kit ($1530)

The more you pay, the more you can make. This is known as pay to play and I really, really don't like this. Keep in mind most people lose money with a MLM so it's rotten to dangle higher commissions in front of a naive person's face. 

This just leads to people losing more money than they originally would have. 

There's another cost you'll have to factor in and that's autoshipment (which is even worse than pay to play).

This basically requires distributors to buy products every month to be commission eligible and this will cost $100+ every month.

There's ways to get around this but by NeoLife's own admission personal autoshipment is the best way to satisfy this requirement to be commission eligible. 

In a year it's possible you could almost sink $3000 into this business. 

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NeoLife Compensation Plan

MLM compensation plans are usually very complicated and this is the case with NeoLife. If you want to watch a full presentation on every detail of this plan, watch the video below:

I don't think it's important to know every single detail and I'm going to summarize the main parts for you:

Affiliate Ranks

Most MLM's come with affiliate ranks and at Neolife there's sixteen different ranks you can acheive.You move from one rank to another by hitting certain goals (meaning recruiting and downline sales goals). 

You also get rewards for going up in rank as well.

Here's the ranks you can achieve at NeoLife:

  • Distributor
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Director
  • Emerald Director
  • Sapphire Director
  • 1 Ruby Directo
  • 2 Ruby Director
  • 3 Ruby Director
  • 4 Ruby Director
  • 5 Ruby Director
  • 1 Damond Director
  • 2 Diamond Director 
  • 3 Diamond Director
  • 4 Diamond Director
  • 5 Diamond Director

To reach the last rank you'd have to recruit and maintain eighteen Director level recruits and generate 500,000 GV a month. 

This is almost impossible and most people don't get past the first couple of ranks.

Retail Commissions

Retail commissions are commissions you make selling directly to customers. How much you make depends on your GV (Group Volume - amount of products being sold by your downline).

The more GV your downline sells the higher the commissions you get.

Here's the commissions you get based on GV:

  • 250 GV a month = 3% commissions
  • 500 GV a month = 5% commissions
  • 1000 GV a month = 10% commissions
  • 2000 GV a month = 15% commissions
  • 4000 GV a month = 20% commissions

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions is the money you make off the sales of your downline. At Neolife this is done in a unilevel structure and looks like the following:

How much you make again depends on GV. Here's what you can earn from your downline based on GV:

  • Generate 250 GV and get 3% commission
  • Generate 500 GV and get 5% commission
  • Generate 1000 GV and get 10% commission
  • Generate 2000 GV and get 15% commission
  • Generate 4000 GV and get 20 commission


Most of the money to be made here is with retail sales and residual commissions. There's smaller bonuses as well and they are:

  • Leadership Development Bonus
  • Network Development Bonus
  • New Director Bonus
  • First Order Bonus
  • Rank Achievement Bonus
  • Car Bonus
  • Travel Bonus

If you want to know what each of these bonuses are, check the video up top.

NeoLife Products

The best part about Neolife is they have a HUGE selection of quality products that people tend to like.

Some categories they offer products in are:

  • Health Packs
  • Weight Management
  • Heart Health
  • Digestive Health
  • immunity
  • Energy and Fitness
  • Mens Health
  • Womens Health
  • Children's Health
  • Sharper Mind Bone and Joint Health
  •  Vitamins and Minerals
  • Specialty
  • Home Care
  • Personal Care 
  • Organic Skin Care

A big problem with MLM's is a lot only have one or two main products and this limits how many people you can sell to. 

That's not the case here. You can literally find a product for basically every health issue here including just general health products. 

The only thing is you can't see the prices of the products online which is pretty suspicious from me.

I've reviewed hundreds of MLM's and a lot of health MLM's. Almost in every instance the products are extremely expensive and cost up to 4 times as much as competitors.

This makes selling very difficult and will hurt your ability to make retail sales. My guess is this is what's happening at NeoLife (they'd have the prices if they weren't very expensive. 

What I Like About NeoLife

I don't think you should join NeoLife but there's somethings I like including:

  • Been around for awhile: MLM's come and go and most don't last more than 2 years. This can lead to you constantly having to start over if you're making money from a MLM. NeoLife has been around for 75 years and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Large selection of products: In order to make retail sales you'll need a lot of products to offer. If you only have one or two you'll be limited in who you can sell to. NeoLife has a lot of products that you can sell to.

What I Don't Like About NeoLife

At the end of the day there's more not to like here than to like and the main things I dislike are:

  • Expensive to join: Technically you only have to pay $49 to join but the costs don't stop there. You're more than likely going to be pressured to buy a starter kit that costs $400+ and could cost over $1500+.
  • Autoshipment: This is one of the worst thing you can come across in the MLM world. This forces you to pay for products every month whether you need them or not. This can cost you over $1000 a month. This also can mean you're in a product based pyramid scheme if too much revenue is coming from distributors. 
  • Products are expensive (most likely): NeoLife doesn't actually put the price of their products on their website. MLM's are notorious for offering products that are too expensive and that's most likely what's going on here.
  • Low success rate: Most people that join Neolife will lose money and could lose thousands. Even the people that do make money tend to only make a couple hundred a month (not worth the amount of effort you'd have to put in to make a couple hundred a month). 

Is NeoLife A Scam?

At the end of the day I think NeoLife operates in the grey area of being a scam. On one hand it's been around for 75 years and this is really unheard of in the MLM world.

On the other hand they've made some changes in the last decade and the changes haven't been for the better.

You'd have to assume a company that's been in the MLM world for so long would know what are good practices and what are bad practices

Autoshipment and pay to play are bad practices which means NeoLife is doing it on purpose. There's no way they're naive to how bad these two things are. 

So even if NeoLife isn't an outright scam it's 100% a bad business opportunity. 

The success rate is very low and most people will end up making less than they invest.

I personally wouldn't join NeoLife.

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  • Dylan, as a NeoLife lover, I would just like you to correct some of your facts.
    The company was found in 1958 and is 62 years old this year.
    Prices are available online – when you go into each product you can find the details of every single product.
    The product prices are comparing excellently with those on the market.
    The nutritional products are whole food.
    Golden Products have been green long before anybody even thought about going green.
    I understand that you want to boost your own, but to down, another company is definetely in bad taste

  • Pure lies….. Rubbish… A company that has lasted for such time u call a scam and saying its not a good business oppty.. Go and check the tje impact it has done to the lives of people allover.. The likes of char il and alter Bolton, Affez tijani plaenty people… Mr. Blogger you don’t know NeoLife

  • I have been with Neolife for 20 years. I understand your review is not from personal experience, because that would never be the review you would leave. Neolife has been around now for almost 64 years (not 75). Products can be bought Retail, or become a club member, or choose the autoship (which is not required and you control it, cancel it if you choose) but if someone doesn’t want to buy it wholesale, they can pay full price. Everything (even prices) are disclosed on their website. They have an A+ with the BBB and have 64 years of flawless integrity, meaning ZERO lawsuits and have never been in trouble with the FTC. Their products compare to no other. They are in 50+ countries around the world. The fact that you can start a business for $75 with no start up fees (you don’t have to purchase a starter kit, that’s mainly for you to experience the products if you wish to do so) is pretty unheard of. Their products come with a 90-day money-back gurantee, no questions asked. In my 20 years, I’ve never had someone return the product because of not liking it or it not achieving the health they had hoped for. I’ve seen people’s health almost gone, to living their healthiest life today! Whatever Neolife has been doing for the last 64 years is working, and they plan to keep it up! The best way to make money or get ahead is not done by bashing companies that you have had no experience with or know nothing about. Maybe someday you will get to experience the Neolife difference.

  • We LOVE NeoLife!! It gave me my health back and has done wonders for my husband and children too. This article was written by someone who has clearly never tried NeoLife, knows very little about the company, and didn’t take the time to ask any questions of those who do. And does he think that everyone who buys NeoLife needs to sell it?

  • You are just a bloody hatist and opportunist. Do you have to write negative things about a company that has helped millions of lives just to promote your ignoble business?

    You can’t people to join your business this way Dylan. It’s quite foolish and senseless of you.

    If you want to change your life, bury your pride and shame and join for the sake of your future generations.

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