JeaFx is a forex guru who runs a Youtube channel and is offering training.

He claims he can help you dramatically increase your risk vs reward.

Before spending your money on his products I'm sure you want to know if it's a scam or not.

This review will get to the bottom of that.

Besides this you'll see some important background information, a look at what's being offered and more.

You'll know if JeaFx is worth it by the time you're done.

Let's get started!

JeaFx Summary

Creator: James

Price to join: $495 for course, $97 per hour for mentoring

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2/5

JeaFx is a basic forex training program.

To be honest I don't think the owner has any real success with trading and there's no trade verifications.

He's made good money selling his course, though.

I'm guessing that's where all his money comes from. 

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Don't Mess Around With Day Trading

Before we look at JeaFx and what's being offered, I want to talk about the trading method being taught here.

JeaFx is a forex day trader.

Day trading is the absolute worst way to invest money and rarely anyone succeeds with it.

I highly doubt JeaFx has much success with day trading, which is why he's offering a course and mentoring for a hefty fee.

Here's a few reasons why I think you shouldn't even attempt day trading:

Less Than 1% Succeed

If you head over to the sales page for JeaFx you'll see this disclaimer:

I give JeaFx props for at least admitting day trading forex is extremely difficult to succeed with.

However, he's not being completely honest with the numbers.

Many people like to claim day traders have a success rate of around 10% like JeaFx says but the truth is the number WAY lower.

The true number is less than 1%.

Day trading is a full time job and there's nothing passive about it.

It requires waking up very early and following the market closely.

You will need to spend hours a day in front of a computer screen looking for trades to make.

Because of this you need to make at least minimum wage to be considered successful.

If you work 30 hours a week trading and only profit $100 at the end of the year, that's not success.

Day Trading Is Just Gambling

If you set out to learn how to golf you would expect to get better the more you played, right?

You would be extremely disappointed if the more you golfed, the worst you were.

As a massive study in Brazil showed, this is the case with day traders.

It found the people who day traded fewer days in a year actually had more success.

The reason for this is day trading is just gambling.

If you went into a casino 10 times compared to 100 times you would lose less money.

Technical Analysis Isn't Going To Help

A lot of day traders will claim the success rate is so low because traders aren't learning technical analysis.

JeaFx mentions traders need to backtest more and practice more:

This is flawed thinking, though, because backtesting uses hindsight.

I did a review of a mathematician who swing trades and he spent a lot of time backtesting his trading strategy.

He went all the way back to 2000 and backtested to 2020.

His results were amazing and his average return per year was triple digits.

The second he started trading his strategy in real time his returns plummeted and he barely profited.

Keep in mind this guy was a Stanford Graduate and is likely smarter than you and I by a lot.

And I'm not the only one to come to the conclusion that technical analysis and backtesting won't help you.

Here's what investment giant Warren Buffet has to say about technical analysis:

What Warren is saying is that charting and indicators and all of that stuff is just nonsense.

The truth is guessing what a currency will cost in a couple hours is impossible.

Long term investing will always be more profitable than day trading and is the only real way to build wealth through the market.

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I'm Very Skeptical About JeaFx

I never give the benefit of the doubt to any person that sells these kinds of products.

I've reviewed hundreds of them and maybe 1% to 2% are worth your time.

The rest are run by hucksters, fraudsters and in some cases straight up criminals.

The truth is there's not too much out there about James (creator of JeaFx).

You can only really get information from his bio, Youtube channel and Twitter account.

After looking through his social media and everything else I'm just not that impressed by him.

Nowhere on his website does he have a verified track record of trades or anything like that.

In fact, JeaFx doesn't really talk about his returns at all - he just vaguely claims he's a full time currency trader.

Not really sure what that means or if he's being honest.

If I had to guess James probably isn't that great of a traders - most of these gurus aren't.

But there's a lot of money in selling courses online.

He claims he already has 350 students.

The course is $495, so that means he's profited over $170,000 so far from sales.

That doesn't factor in his expensive 1 on 1 mentoring for $97 per hour. 

He has an active Youtube channel, Twitter and Instagram where he can drive leads for free.

So it's not even really costing James money to get these sales either.

Why waste your time day trading currency for hours a day when you can just sell a course?

Less risk and more money.

Regardless I emailed JeaFx for account statements and returns.

Will update if he responds.

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What Does JeaFx Offer?

There's two different offers.. the first is a training program that promises to teach you how to be a profitable trader.

The second is one on one coaching.

Here's a breakdown of each offer.

JeaFx Trading Academy ($495)

There's a few different components to the trading academy.

You get the following:


The training covers a bunch of different topics and there's 70 or so videos in total.

Some topics you'll learn about include:

  • Foundations of forex
  • Trader psychology
  • Risk management
  • Fundamentals
  • Technical trading

Additionally, you'll get training on coming up with a trading plan. 


You get access to a Discord channel with all the other members of the training course.

You'll be able to see JeaFx trade as well.

This will make getting questions answered much easier.

Members area

Lastly, you get a members area where you can find additional training and videos.

You get a weekly analysis video as well. 

Private Coaching ($97 Per Hour)

There's also private coaching beyond that training.

JeaFx calls this the "best way to refine your trading skills."

Basically this allows you to ask a specific question to JeaFx and get a personal response.

To be completely honest 1 hour of coaching isn't really going to help much.

You might be able to better understand a specific topic but I doubt you're trading will improve from these sessions.

You'd likely need to get 10 coaching sessions to see a real improvement. 

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JeaFx FAQ's

You might still have some questions about this program.

Here's some answers to any remaining questions you might have about JeaFx:

1) Is JeaFx's Pricing Fair?

I've been pretty honest about how I feel about day trading forex - it's a horrible idea that basically no one has success with.

Having said that, the price for the training program isn't that terrible.

It's pricey but it's no more pricey than any other premium course you'll find on forex.

There's definitely more that are expensive.

You can find the majority of this stuff for free on Youtube, though.

There's plenty of tutorials out there.

2) Is There Refunds?


JeaFx explicitly states there are no refunds for this program.

This is very disappointing and is another strike against JeaFx.

If you believe in your product you would offer refunds because you wouldn't expect to get too many.

Additionally, if JeaFx were a successful trader he'd make enough that refunds wouldn't hurt him.

My guess is JeaFx makes almost all his money from course sales and won't give refunds because of this.

3) How Much Money Do I Need To Start?

You can pretty much get started with as little as $100 but that would be a waste of time.

To make a decent amount of money you'd need AT LEAST $5,000. 

A general rule of thumb is to never risk more than 1% on a single forex transaction.

So $5,000 allows you to make trades as high as $50.

4) Do You Think JeaFx Is Legit?

I think he's a legit marketer - his website is slick looking and he understands sales funnels.

He'd make a great internet marketer!

However, I don't think he's a legit trader.

I emailed him to see if he has a verified returns and we'll see if he responds.

I've emailed other gurus in the past and never heard back.

I doubt I hear back here.

5) Are There Similar Program?

Yes, there's plenty of day trading and forex programs out there.

Here's some that are similar:

And more. There's no shortage of day trading gurus selling courses.

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JeaFx Pros And Cons

  • No refunds: All legit courses offer a refund.. only people who solely rely on course sales don't offer a refund. 
  • No proof of success: JeaFx offers zero proof he's a profitable trader.
  • Expensive: The course isn't overly expensive but you can find alternatives on Youtube for free. Additionally, the one on one training is too expensive.

JeaFx Conclusion

JeaFx is very similar to other young day trading gurus out there.

The process is pretty simple..

  1. Learn some basic technical analysis
  2. Build an online presence (Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.)
  3. Sell a course and chatroom access
  4. Profit

Some people following these 4 steps make millions and millions of dollars doing so.

JeaFx has made hundreds of thousands and he doesn't even have a large online following.

If he keeps building his brand he'll be a millionaire.

But this all comes at the expense of naïve would be traders.

Most of these people don't understand the odds stacked against them and how it's essentially impossible to succeed with day trading.

My advice is simple - don't help JeaFx become a millionaire by giving him hundreds of dollars.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on JeaFx.

The odds of taking his course and being successful is very, very low.

To be honest there's really no day trading course that will help you be successful.. the odds are just not in your favor.

If you want success with investing, invest in the long term.

The good news is there's still a lot of good places to get stock picks.

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