Profit Cycle Pro is a new newsletter from Digest Publishing.

It's run by Ryan Stancil and John Carl.

This newsletter basically rounds up the best from other services at Digest Publishing and gives you weekly market updates and stock recommendations.

If you're here I'm sure you want to know if it's a scam or not.

I'll answer that in this review.

Additionally, you'll see what this newsletter is offering and if it's worth buying.

You'll know everything you need to know about Profit Cycle Pro by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Profit Cycle Pro Summary

Creator: Ryan Stancil and John Carl

Price to join: $79 per year

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 2.5/5

Profit Cycle Pro is a new newsletter from Digest Publishing, and I don't really think it's worth buying.

Digest Publishing is your typical investment publisher, and that's not a good thing.

The people running this newsletter used to work for an extremely predatory company, and they seem to be running Digest Publishing in the same manner.

Expect manipulative sales presentations and constant upselling.

Since it's new, there aren't too many stock picks to examine, and I'll update this review as more stock picks get released.

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The Bad Influence Of Agora

At one point, Agora was the king of investing newsletters.

They were a massive company that owned over a dozen publishers and made hundreds of millions in revenue every year.

The problem is that Agora is a very predatory company and uses the worst sales and marketing tactics possible.

They're known for targeting senior citizens with scams and have been fined millions in the past for doing so.

Even after this fine, they continued to target the elderly.

Agora isn't the company it used to be, though.

Many of its publishers and top guys have left in the last few years to start their own publications.

The two heads of Digest Publishing, the publisher of Profit Cycle Pro, are from Agora.

You can take the stock picker out of Agora, but you can't take Agora out of the stock picker.

So if you buy Profit Cycle Pro, you have to expect some Agora-level shenanigans.

This includes extremely aggressive upsells for products that are very expensive.

Additionally, expect some manipulative sales tactics to get you to buy their products.

This means over-exaggerating how good an investment opportunity is and other tricks to get you to spend thousands.

Very few Agora or Agora-related newsletters are worth these headaches, and I'm not sure Profit Cycle Pro will end up being worth it.

However, it is new, so the jury is still out.

AI Stock To Stop Mass Shootings Revealed

The people at Profit Cycle Pro market their newsletters in the exact same way that every other newsletter does, which is to send out stock teasers.

Stock teasers hype up an investment opportunity but don't actually reveal the name of the stock being teased.

You have to buy the newsletter to get the ticker.

But stock pickers almost always leave enough clues in the presentation to figure out the name of the stock.

This is the case with Profit Cycle Pro's inaugural stock teaser, which claims there's "AI-driven security to stop mass shootings."

The company being pitched is Radar Shares.

However, this isn't a traditional public offering, and Radar Shares is a private company offering private Reg A+ stock options.

Under certain conditions, private corporations may raise up to $75 million from accredited and non-accredited investors through a private Reg A+ sale of securities without registering with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The JOBS Act of 2012 included Regulation A+, which offers businesses a simplified procedure for selling stocks to the general public while still safeguarding investors.

If the offering is accepted, the issuer in a private Reg A+ offering can sell securities to investors after filing a Form 1-A with the SEC.

Private Reg A+ offers, unlike conventional IPOs, do not call for a public exchange listing, and the shares cannot be freely traded until a specific amount of time has passed.

Smaller businesses looking to raise capital or bigger private businesses looking to provide liquidity to their current investors through the sale of their shares frequently use private Reg A+ offerings.

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Is Radar Shares Worth Investing In?

Investing in private companies is very risky and, in the past, was only allowed by accredited investors.

This means making $250,000 per year or having a net worth over $1 million.

But laws have changed over the last decade, and now non-accredited investors can get in on the action.

There are laws regulating how much a non-accredited investor can invest, and typically, you can't invest more than 10% of your yearly income.

The thing you need to understand about Radar Shares is that it's very speculative, and there's a real risk of losing everything you put into this company.

With this kind of offering, there's no way to get your money back if you change your mind.

Once it's in, it's in.

You have to wait for the company to go public or for another company to buy it to profit.

This could happen, but it's hard to tell where a company like Radar Shares ends up.

They've made one sale so far and have zero revenue.

They are far from proven.

So if you were to invest, you would need to be comfortable losing your money or not seeing a return for a long time.

What Is Profit Cycle Pro Offering?

Profit Cycle Pro works a little differently than other investing newsletters.

Digest Publishing describes this offer as a "pro" version of Daily Profit Cycle.

Basically, you're getting the "best insights" from the editors at Digest Publishing.

So it's basically a roundup of all the "best" investment ideas from the folks at Digest Publishing.

This includes market insights and stock picks from:

  • Nick Hodge
  • Gerardo Del Real
  • Ryan Stancil
  • Chris Curl
  • John Carl

Although the main editors of this newsletter are John Carl and Ryan Stancil.

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Profit Cycle Pro FAQ's

Still have some questions about this newsletter?

Here are answers to any questions you might have:

1) How much does Profit Cycle Pro cost?

This newsletter is what is known as an "entry" level newsletter and will only cost $79 per year.

However, Digest Publishing isn't paying the bills from selling $79 yearly subscriptions.

This product is just the first step in a larger sales funnel.

Once you buy, you'll be promoted to other services that cost thousands of dollars per year.

That's where the real money is.

2) What kind of stock picks can you expect?

This is definitely going to be a mish-mash of stock picks since it comes from all the editors at Digest Publishing.

For example, there's a newsletter dedicated to long-term investing, energy investing, resource investing, crypto investing, and more at Digest Publishing.

The first stock teaser from this newsletter is from a private company.

So you'll get a bunch of different stock picks, that's for sure.

3) Who are the lead editors?

The two guys in charge of Profit Cycle Pro are Ryan Stancil and John Carl.

Ryan Stancil is a young person who's been in the investing world for 5 years now.

His expertise is in technology and geopolitics.

John Carl has been in the investing world for over a decade and is a contributor to Daily Profit Cycle.

John's expertise is in metals, cannabis, cryptography, technology, and biotech.

4) Are there similar newsletters?

Some similar newsletters include:

Many of these people also worked at Agora at one point.

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Profit Cycle Pro Pros And Cons

  • Cheap: This newsletter is affordable and is only $79 per year.
  • Agora influence: The people who run this newsletter came from Agora and that's a bad thing.
  • Risky investments: Investing in private companies without revenue is a really bad idea for most people.
  • Typical newsletter: There's nothing that makes this newsletter different than others.

Profit Cycle Pro Conclusion

So that's the end of my review of Profit Cycle Pro.

This newsletter is new, so it's hard to tell just how good it will be.

But the first stock pick they've released isn't very promising.

Investing in private companies, especially ones with basically no sales and zero revenue, is such a bad idea.

You're not getting your money back for years and will only get it back if the company goes public or gets bought.

What happens if the company goes out of business?

You lose everything.

What happens if you change your mind and want your money back?

Tough luck; there's no way of getting your money back.

So if these are the kinds of investments that are going to be recommended, I'd avoid this newsletter.

The good news is there are plenty of quality alternatives to get stock picks.

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