Today we're going to look at Stansberry Research's flagship newsletter Stansberry's Investment Advisory.

This newsletter has been around for 22 years and has changed a lot over the years.

This review will focus on the newsletter as it is today.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Stansberry's Investment Advisory including background information, red flags, price, what you're actually getting and more.

You'll get insights into the newsletter's performance as well.

Let's get started!

Stansberry Investment Advisory Summary

Creator: Porter Stansberry

Price to join: $199 per year

Do I recommend? It depends

   Overall rating: 3.5/5

Stansberry Investment Advisory is a solid newsletter.

It's been around for over two decades and some great picks have come from this newsletter.

Plus it's a safe investing strategy.

The problem is it's owned by a horrible company that's been caught defrauding customers in the past.

If you buy just be careful of the promotional offers and upsells after.

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My Big Warning Stansberry Investment Advisory

If Stansberry Investment Advisory were a standalone product I'd recommend it without hesitation.

It's been around for decades and there's enough evidence that there's good stock picks to be found here.

HOWEVER.. this isn't a standalone product.

Instead it's part of a vast network of newsletters that's ultimately owned by a horrible company called Agora.

Agora is the single biggest distributor of investing newsletters in the country and they own dozens of publishers, including Stansberry.

The problem with this is Agora is an extremely predatory company and don't treat their customers well.

Once you become a customer of Agora they treat you like a target and try to milk you for every cent they can.

Once you buy Stansberry Investment Advisory you get put into a sophisticated sales funnel that will promote products that costs thousands a year to you.

Many of these products are low quality and straight up scams.

How bad are some of these products?

Look what Agora got popped for just last year:

Agora had to pay $2 million for defrauding senior citizens with financial AND health scams.

These are the kinds of products that will be promoted to you if you get into Agora's sales funnel.

Additionally, Agora hasn't really changed anything about how they do business since being fined.

Truth In Advertising has proven they're still targeting seniors with deceptive marketing:

Agora makes hundreds of millions every year.

$2 million is nothing to them and unless the FTC really hammers them there's zero incentive for them to make any changes.

So if you do buy Stansberry Investment Advisory just realize what you're getting yourself into.

You're going to get marketed to in unethical ways and some of the products just aren't good - and they cost a lot.

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Stansberry Investment Advisory Performance

I don't have access to all of Stansberry Investment Advisory's stock picks in their 22 year history.

However, they do put out stock presentations every once in a while.

These stock presentations are usually the most well researched stock picks Stansberry Investment Advisory offers.

Here's a look at how many have performed through out the years:

Biogen In April 2020

In April 2020 Stansberry Investment Advisory ran a teaser about an Alzhiemer's drug company.

The name of the company is Biogen.

In the pitch it was hinted this stock could get 300% returns.

Well things haven't exactly worked out like that since this presentation went live:

It did briefly pop to around $400 in 2021 but has been down for the majority of the time.

Autozone In April 2020

In April 2020 Stansberry ran a teaser calling AutoZone "the government proof, inflation proof, crisis proof, bear market proof, super stock that you want to own today."

What an endorsement!

The timing was good on this stock presentation as well.

This was during covid when people were driving less so the stock was down a little.

Overall this stock has lived up to the hype:

This stock has more than doubled .

However, it's extremely pricey and is now over $2,000 a share.

O'Reilly Automotive basically follows the same trends as AutoZone and is 1/4th the price:

4 Stocks In November 2019

Back in 2019 a teaser ran called "four stocks for the world's best business."

The world's best business being hinted at is property and casualty insurance.

Here's how each of the stocks have performed:


W.R. Berkley

RLI Corp


All pretty much have followed the same trends.

They crashed during covid but have recovered since then.

Overall a decent presentation.

Hershey In 2018

In 2018 Stansberry ran a teaser called "stocks that still makes us smile."

They were talking about Hershey and they were calling them "old faithful."

At the time Hershey was down a little based on fears of rising costs.

The stock has done well in the years since being recommended:

On top of this there's dividends as well.

Norther Dynasty Minerals In January 2017

Back when Trump was first inaugurated into office many people were promoting Northern Dynasty Minerals.

Apparently many investors thought he'd open up drilling sites and things like that.

However, things didn't seem to materialize because the stock hasn't done well in the last 5 years:

This stock never really went up after being recommended and basically lost most of its value.

AutoZone In July 2016

This is the last stock I'm going to talk about and is one that we've already seen but this time back in 2016.

The pitch is exactly the same - Stansberry claimed this stock was inflation proof.

Here's how it's done:

A very good stock pick (man I wish I could invested in this stock back before 2011).

Overall I'd say this newsletter has produced more winners than losers.

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Stansberry Investment Advisory Overview

At the end of the day Stansberry Investment Advisory is a typical investment service and offers what every other Agora newsletter does.

Here's what you get with this offer:

Monthly Newsletter

This is the core part of the offer and is mainly what you're paying for.

Every month you'll get a new newsletter that covers new investment ideas.

Additionally, you'll get insights into the market, updates into the portfolio and more.

Model Portfolio

The model portfolio is the other part of this offer that you're paying for.

Once you sign up you'll get access to the portfolio that has between 20 to 30 stock picks.

Additionally, you'll get information on buy prices and sell prices for each stock.

Stansberry Digest

This is a daily newsletter that goes out every week day.

You'll get updates on the markets, the portfolio and things that they got right and wrong.

Special Reports

When you sign up you get a bunch of special reports as well.

These reports are similar to the stock presentations we examined in the last section.

The reports are constantly changing as well.

Currently the reports are:

  • Tax free way to make 500% gains in America today
  • How to survive and prepare for a crisis 
  • Buy the world's trophy assets for pennies on the dollar

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Stansberry Investment Advisory FAQ's

Still have questions about this newsletter?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) How Much Does Stansberry Investment Advisory Cost?

This newsletter costs $199 per year.

That's pretty much what you can expect from an introductory newsletter.

You might be able to find this service for a discount for the first year - usually Agora gives away the first year for $49.

So if you're interested call up Stansberry and see if you can get it for a discount.

2) Is There A Refund Policy? 

Yes but it's not very good - you get 30 days to get your money back.

This isn't nearly enough time to see if the stocks are good.

It's really only enough time to see if you like the way the newsletter is delivered and stuff like that.

3) Is Stansberry Research Legit?

Stansberry Research has been around for a while and was started by a guy named Porter Stansberry.

There's things I like about Porter.

He's has some good insights about the economy and he's friends with Ron Paul (a saint in my book).

But there's some red flags too.

Porter was fined $1.5 million for misleading customers in his investment newsletters.

Additionally, like I mentioned before, Stansberry is owned by Agora.

You can expect a lot of fear mongering and over hyped stock presentations because of this.

You can expect pricey upsells as well.

So I guess I'd say Stansberry Research is as legit as an Agora publisher can be.

4) How Much Do I Need To Invest?

On the Stansberry sales page it says $1000 but I think you'll need a lot more than that.

Some of the stocks recommended cost $1000!

A lot of stocks seem pricey which is good and bad.

It's good because it's a lot more stable and you won't have massive loses.

It's bad because you won't get massive gains like you would with cheaper stocks.

Because this is a conservative newsletter I'd say $10,000 minimum is a better number.

This way you can invest in a bunch of stocks and get good returns.

5) What Is The Investing Strategy?

Like I said the investing strategy is very conservative and focuses on stocks that you hold for a year or longer.

This is a safe strategy for people that are risk adverse.

I personally like this strategy the most and would advise it for most people.

Maybe take a few bucks and play around with lower cap, higher risk stocks but this is how you build a strong portfolio.

6) What Are Customer Reviews Like? 

This is a pretty well liked newsletter.

On Stockgumshoe over 400 people voted on this newsletter and it gets an average score of 3.8/5.

This is a pretty solid score.

This comment pretty much sums up how I and many customers feel:

He does go on to say this newsletter sucks at mining and precious metal picks.. so maybe avoid those.

Overall, though, customers seem pretty happy.

7) Are There Any Similar Products?

Yes, there's plenty of other Agora newsletters that are very similar.

This includes:

And more.

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Stansberry Investment Advisory Pros And Cons

  • Well priced: This newsletter is $199 per year which is what you'd expect. Not a bad deal.
  • Safe picks: This is for people that want safe picks - I personally like this strategy.
  • Good track record: The stocks I looked at for the most part did really well.
  • Agora owned: Dealing with Agora is a nightmare - once you buy from them you'll be bombarded with expensive upsells.

Stansberry Investment Advisory Conclusion

It's a shame Stansberry is owned by Agora.

I like this newsletter and recommend it regardless but I just don't like recommending Agora products.

I know once you do buy this newsletter you'll turn into a target.

I know you're going to be marketed over the top stock presentations and pressured into low quality products that cost thousands.

I know they'll market to you in unethical ways and I know they won't stop until you spend thousands.

So as long as you can resist these marketing tricks I think this is a good newsletter to have in your arsenal.

I can see why you wouldn't even want to bother, though.

Here's A Better Opportunity

You should definitely consider Stansberry Investment Advisory.

However, dealing with Agora can give you a headache.

The good news is there's still a lot of good places to get stock picks.

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