The George Gilder Report can be found over at Three Founders Publishing..

George claims he can help you find little known investment opportunities.

Is this true or another investing scam?

You'll get an answer to that in this review.

Additionally, you'll learn some background information on this newsletter, see any red flags I find and more.

You'll know if The George Gilder Report is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

The George Gilder Report Summary

Creator: George Gilder

Price to join: $299

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 3/5

George Gilder has been investing in tech stocks for a long time now and has had his ups and downs.

I think this newsletter is pretty decent and you'll definitely find some winning stock picks here.

However, there's some red flags.

The sales funnel is going to be crazy and you'll be promoted much more expensive products around the clock.

Additionally, the company that owns the newsletter was just fined millions for defrauding senior citizens. 

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There's A MASSIVE Red Flag Here

I'll let you in on a little secret about the investing newsletter industry..

Most newsletter publishers and newsletters are not independent and instead are owned by a handful of mega conglomerates.

The biggest of them all is Agora.

Agora owns Three Founders Publishing, which is the publisher for The George Gilder Report.

This is a massive red flag because Agora is one of the most predatory companies around.

For example, just last year they were caught defrauding senior citizens:

Tricking seniors out of their money is about as low as you can possible go.

The problem is $2 million is nothing for a company like Agora - they make HUNDREDS of millions every year.

They can pay fines like this easily.

Unfortunately, this means they don't have to change the way they market or the products they sell.

As Truth In Advertising has proven Agora has not changed a thing:

So I'm not sure you really want to give your money to a company like this.

Additionally, Agora doesn't treat their customers well.

Once you sign up for one of their newsletters you become a target.

They're very aggressive with their marketing and you can expect to get promotions every single day for products that cost thousands.

That's how Agora really makes their money.

They sell cheaper newsletters like The George Gilder Report to get you into their sales funnel and then promote products that are very expensive.

I personally wouldn't get involved with them unless the product is extremely high quality.

There's a few newsletters from them I recommend and The George Gilder Report is borderline recommend.

It's pretty good but I can see why people wouldn't want to deal with the Agora headache.

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George Gilder Stock Picking Performance

The most important thing about a stock picker is if they can pick winning stocks.

Everything else is secondary.

Here's a look at some recent stocks George has recommended and how they've performed.

Qualcomm, Comcast And Infinera In December 2022

About 5 months ago George ran a stock teaser titled "Trump's Revenge" and "Trump's Secret Legacy."

This pitch revolved around the increase demand for data and the companies that would be providing it.

This is actually a reboot of a teaser that ran back in December 2020 with the same stock picks, which are Qualcomm, Comcast and Infinera.

These stocks really don't have anything to do with Trump and that's just meant to get attention.

Here's how the stocks have performed since December 2020.

First up Qualcomm:

Qualcomm is a chipmaker which benefits with 5G and WIFI upgrades.

However, there hasn't been a ton of movement on the stock since being recommended.

Next we have Comcast:

I think everyone knows what Comcast does and they're the biggest broadband utility in America.

The stock rallied for a little but has since fallen 20% since being recommended.

The last company is Infinera:

Infinera is a optical networking company that's struggled to be profitable in its 20 year existence.

The stock hasn't done well since being recommended.

So George went 0/3 here.

8 Stocks In April 2020

George ran a teaser campaign for another one of his investing newsletters called Gilder's Moonshots.

He titled this pitch "Don't Buy 5G Stocks, Buy 15G Instead."

There were a lot of stocks in the presentation - 8 in total.

Here's all the ones he's recommended and how they've performed:

First up we have Inseego:

Inseego is a 5g company that works with massive corporations like Verizon.

The stock did double for a little but overall is down massively.

Next up we have Ceva: 

Ceva is a semiconductor company and this stock more than doubled after being recommended.

It's down since it's peak but is up overall since being recommended.

A10 Networks is the next stock George recommended:

A10 Networks makes delivery controllers and this has been an excellent stock pick so far.

It's almost tripled in under 18 month.

Cloudflare is the next company George recommended:

This was an EXCELLENT stock pick and at one point was up around 8X.

It's still up 3X despite coming down a lot.

George also recommended Impinj:

Impinj creates radio frequency identification devices.

The stock has gone through the rough since being recommended and has been an excellent pick.

Next up is Allot:

Allot is an Israeli communications company.

The stock did double but after that it's plummeted pretty hard.

It's down about 50% overall.

He also recommended Quicklogic:

This is another winner and has more than doubled since April 2020.

Lastly, we have Mitek:

This is another fantastic stock pick that tripled at one point.

It's down since peaking over $20 but still up overall.

This stock presentation was definitely profitable for anyone that listened to George.

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What Is The George Gilder Report Offering?

Overall this is just a typical Agora newsletter in terms of what you get.

Here's an overview of all aspects of this offer:

Monthly Newsletter

Every month you'll get a new issue of The George Gilder Report.

In these newsletters you'll get information on the market and get new investment ideas.

These new investment ideas will come with commentary from George on why he likes the pick.

Model Portfolio

The main thing you're paying for is the monthly newsletter.

The second main thing your paying for is the model portfolio.

Once you sign up you'll have access to all of George's current open positions with information on why he likes the stocks.

Additionally, you'll get email or text alerts if you need to take action on the portfolio.

Special Reports

You also will get a bunch of special reports that focus on a stock or a bunch of stocks.

These reports are like the stocks that we looked at in the last section.

Daily e-Letters

You might be a little worried that a newsletter once a month isn't enough.

This is where the daily e-letter comes in.

You actually get access to three daily newsletters.

They are Gilder's Daily Prophecy, One Last Thing and 5 Minute Forecast.

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The George Gilder Report FAQ's

Still have some questions about The George Gilder Report?

Here's answers to any questions you might have.

1) How Much Does The George Gilder Report Cost?

If you go to the Three Founders website the cost of this newsletter is $299 per year.

However, there's promotions floating around for $79 per year.

If you can't find a promotion try calling up Three Founders and getting the promotional price.

Additionally, this is pretty much what all introductory newsletters cost.

Just remember - the point is to get you into the sales funnel and then try to get you to buy one of the upgrades that costs thousands.

That's where the money is. 

2) Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes, you get 3 months to get a refund.

Just keep in mind the expensive upsells typically don't come with a refund.

So if you fall for the upgrades that cost a lot of money don't expect the same refund.

3) Is George Gilder Legit?

George Gilder has been in the stock picking spotlight for a long time.

He's done a very good job predicting new tech movements - this is pretty much universally agreed on.

However, he's had his troubles picking stocks in the past.

He used to have a newsletter with Forbes called Gilder Technology Report in the 90's.

The newsletter collapsed after the Dot Com Bubble which hit Gilder hard.

Apparently, he was ignoring financials in a lot of the tech companies then.

George spent many years writing books and recently launched his newsletter in the last couple of years.

Overall I think George is legit but just make sure to check the financials of the companies he's recommending.

4) Are There Similar Newsletters?

Yes, there's many newsletters that remind me of this one.

Some of them include:

There's plenty of these tech investing newsletters.

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The George Gilder Report Pros And Cons

  • George has a lot of experience: George has been around for decades.. he definitely has success.
  • Big time winners: Some of the stocks George picked in the last couple years have been big home runs.
  • Affordable: This newsletter is pretty cheap and can be found as low as $79.
  • Agora owned: I rarely recommend products owned by Agora - they're just too predatory.
  • George has an up and down history: George lost big in the Dot Com Bubble and spent a long time digging himself out of that hole.

The George Gilder Report Conclusion

That's the end of my George Gilder Report review.

To be honest this newsletter isn't much different than the last few dozen that I've reviewed.

Almost all newsletters offer a monthly newsletter, model portfolio, updates, etc.

The stock picker and what markets are being targeted is what really separates these newsletters.

In this case you're getting tech stocks.

George is a veteran that's learned some hard lessons from the stock market over the last couple of decades.

Some of his picks are excellent.

If you wanted to buy this newsletter I think that's fine.

Just don't fall for the upsells.

Here's A Better Opportunity

The George Gilder Report is a decent newsletter.

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