Fast Fortune Club is a well known investing service run by Tom Gentile.

He claims joining Fast Fortune Club could be one of the most profitable decisions you ever make..

Is this true or all one big scam?

We'll figure that out in this review.

Additionally we'll look at background information, Tom's stock picking track record and more.

You'll know if this newsletter is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Fast Fortune Cub Summary

Creator: Tom Gentile

Price to join: $99 to $599 per year

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 1/5

This is one of the lower quality investing services out there.

The trading strategy is flawed which is why so many people lose money.

Plus it's owned by a horrible company.


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Fast Fortune Club Video Review

Money Map Press And Agora

The first thing I want to cover is what Money Map Press is and their relationship with Agora.

Money Map Press is the publisher that puts out Fast Fortune Club and Agora owns Money Map Press.

In fact, Agora is the biggest distributor of investing newsletters in the country and they own dozens of popular publishers (Stansberry, Brownstone Research, Angel Publishing, Oxford Club) and more.

The problem is Agora is a very predatory and unethical company - and they pretty much run all their publishers in the same exact way.

An example of their predatory behavior is below:

This is pretty bad.

But it gets worst.. $2 million isn't nearly enough to deter a company like Agora.

They make hundred of millions per year.

As Truth In Advertising has proven they haven't really changed the way they market their products:

Unless Agora is hit with a massive fine they won't change a thing - it's just too profitable to run their business this way!

Agora has very sophisticated sales funnels too.

So while Fast Fortune Club isn't too expensive their goal is to get you to upgrade to a much more expensive product.

That's how they make their real money.

Some of Tom's other services cost thousands of dollars a year.

You'll be promoted these products ever single day.. and many times in unethical ways (in my opinion).

I only recommend an Agora service if it's extremely high quality.

I don't think Fast Fortune Club is high quality. 

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Tom Gentile Is Not Well Reviewed

Tom has been around for a while and is constantly launching new services at Money Map Press.

He's consistently re-branding and dropping products.

This is because his services don't seem to perform well.

For example, Tom ran a well known option trading program called Money Calendar.

It's now a part of Fast Fortune Club.

However, Stock Gumshoe had over 1000 customers vote on the quality of Money Calendar and it only got a dismal 2/5 stars:

You can see why Money Calendar needed to be re-branded.

The comments are brutal as well:

I couldn't find one good review about this service.

That's a major red flag.

All of Tom's other newsletters were just as poorly reviewed as well.

For example, his pattern trading newsletter only has 2.1/5 stars:

Here's a review from someone talking about how Tom runs this service and all of his services in general:

Another one of Tom's newsletters, V3-Trader, only has 1.7/5 stars:

This is the case for all of Tom's past products.

But at Agora they typically don't fire people like Tom.

Instead they just create new newsletters and shuffle people around publishers.

It seems like all of Tom's new products were created in the last couple of years so there's not too many customer reviews out yet.

But there's no reason to think his new newsletters will be any different than the past ones.

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What Do You Get With Fast Fortune Club?

Overall this is a standard offer and you get the same thing you get in a million other newsletters.

Here's a look at all aspects of Fast Fortune Club:


This is the main part of the offer and is essentially what you're paying for.

Every month you get new investing ideas and stock recommendations.

You can get up to 8 stock picks a month.

Million Dollar Masterclass

Million Dollar Masterclass supposedly helps you get a million dollar mindset.

Every month you get new investing tips and training on how to improve your returns.

This is definitely not an important part of Fast Fortune Club.

Microcurrency Trading Course

Tom jumped on the crypto bandwagon and offers a crypto trading course called Microcurrency Trading Course.

The investing style in this course is awful, though.

Tom teaches you how to invest in micro-cryptos which are extremely volatile and often times are scams.

With crypto crashing I imagine a lot of people lost money trading these small cap cryptos.

Fast Fortune Money Calendar

The Money Calendar was a standalone product that we looked at in the last section.

As a standalone product it got just a 2/5 star rating and I can see why.. the trading strategy is flawed.

Basically the Money Calendar makes trade recommendations based on technical analysis which a dumb way to trade.

Don't take my word for it either.. here's what Warren Buffet has to say about technical analysis:

The whole jist of the Money Calendar is Tom will find stocks that trade at certain patterns and try to hack these patterns for profits.

It's never going to work in the long run.

Spotlight Analysis

The Spotlight Analysis is another training program and teaches you how Tom "spots" trade set ups.

Here's an example of the kind of stuff he'll be teaching:

Of course this graph is silly, though.

Anyone can look at a pattern and just say well if you traded here you would have made money!

That's just using hindsight.

It's been pretty much proven Tom can't use these patterns in real time to make trades.


There's also text and email alerts.

If something happens in the stock market and you need to take action quick this is when you get a notice. 

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Fast Fortune Club FAQ's

Still have some questions about Fast Fortune Club?

Here's some answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) How Much Does Fast Fortune Club Cost?

There's actually multiple prices for Fast Fortune Club.

If you try and buy this newsletter from Money Map Press it will cost you $599 per year which is really high for what you're getting.

However, there's promotional offers that are around that cost $99 per year.

I don't recommend buying this newsletter at any price but if you're still interested and can't find a promotion for it, I'd just call Money Map Press up and ask for the promotional price - they'll probably give it to you.

2) Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes and it's decent.

You get 60 days to get your money back.

This really won't be long enough to see if Fast Fortune Club is good in the long run but good enough to test out the service.

Keep in mind the more expensive products at Money Map Press won't come with a refund.

So if you buy Fast Fortune Club and fall for the upsells you likely won't be able to get your money back.

3) Is Tom Gentile Legit?

I personally don't think so and I don't understand how you could make the argument he is.

Just look at the customer reviews for his products - they're awful!

Plus he's constantly shutting newsletters down and re-branding them or just starting new ones.

This is only happening because of the poor results he's getting.

I can't be sure what the returns Tom gets are because he won't release the numbers.

But everything from the customer reviews to constantly shutting down newsletters indicates the returns are really bad.

4) Is The Trading Strategy Legit?

Not really.

Some people will defend technical analysis like their lives depend on it but it just doesn't work in the long term.

Day traders almost exclusively rely on pattern trading and technical analysis.

Their success rate is around 1%.

This kind of investing is silly and a waste of time.

Long term investing will always be king.

5) What Is Money Map Press? 

Money Map Press is the publisher of Fast Fortune Club and they don't have a very good track record.

I reviewed another one of their products called Money Map Report and said the same thing. 

There's a lot of problems with this publisher and customer reviews are generally pretty bad.

I've read horror stories about dealing with their customer service as well.

You'll pretty much want to pass on all Money Map Press products.

6) Are There Similar Newsletters?

There's literally hundreds of these newsletters out there.

Some include:

Most of these come from Agora as well.

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Fast Fortune Club Pros And Cons

  • Expensive: Unless you find a promotional offer this newsletter will cost $599 per year.
  • Tom has a bad track record: Tom is one of the worst stock pickers I've come across based on customer reviews. People really dislike his products.
  • No transparency: There's no way to look at Tom's track record or returns.
  • Agora: Agora is a horrible company that markets in very unethical ways. You never want to be in an Agora sales funnel.

Final Thoughts

This is probably the 50th Agora newsletter I've reviewed now.

It's crazy just how similar they all are.

I guess they figured out how to sell newsletters and don't feel the need to change anything.

Overall I think Fast Fortune Club is a very low quality service.

You won't be making a fast fortune here.

Based on all the customer reviews I've seen you're much more likely to lose fast.

There's no reason to buy this newsletter.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Fast Fortune Club.

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