Monthly Dividend Multiplier is an premium investing service from Tim Plaehn.

He claims he can help you increase your income automatically.

Is this true or all one big scam?

We'll get to the bottom of this question in this review.

Additionally, we'll look at some background information and see if there's any red flags.

You'll know if Monthly Dividend Multiplier is worth it by the time you're done.

Let's get started!

Jeff Clark Trader Summary

Creator: Tim Plaehn

Price to join: $595 per year

Do I recommend? It depends (read summary)

   Overall rating: 3/5

Monthly Dividend is a good investing newsletter if you have over $50,000 to invest.

This strategy focuses on income earning stocks and is good for people planning for retirement.

Tim's other newsletters are well reviewed by customers and I don't see why this one would be any different.

Not my favorite newsletter but one that you should consider.

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5 Things To Know About Monthly Dividend Multiplier

Before we get into what Monthly Dividend Multiplier is offering, let's take a look at some important background information.

Here's what I think you should know about this service:

You Need $50,000 Minimum

There's many investing newsletters that you can get started with if you only have a couple thousand.

But that's not the case if you're buying Monthly Dividend Multiplier.

This service is for people close to retiring or want to create a full time passive income with dividends.

Because of this you'll need $50,000 minimum to get started.

If you have less than that and aren't in dire need of a passive income Tim's other newsletter, The Dividend Hunter, will be better.

That newsletter teaches you how to invest in dividends with as little as $10,000.

Tim Plaehn Has Lived An Interesting Life

Tim is a guy that's had many different jobs and definitely has a diverse background.

In his younger years he was in the Air Force and flew F-16 Fighter jets - he was an instructor for Air Force as well.

After this he got his degree in mathematics and become a stock broker.

He's written for USA Today, Newsmax, The Motely Fool, and more.

Finally Tim became an editor for Investors Alley where you can find Monthly Dividend Multiplier.

Independent Publisher

I'm pretty harsh when I write reviews about investing services.

The main reason is most are owned by a few unethical and horrible companies.

It's extremely hard to find a truly independent investing publisher these days.

However, Investors Alley is independent and not owned by a larger corporation.

This is a good thing.

I noticed the marketing for Investors Alley is less aggressive and doesn't engage in some of the hype other publishers do.

They also steer clear of fear mongering to sell newsletter.

Again, this is refreshing to see.

Now there is some hype and some marketing but it's a normal amount.

The Dividend Hunter Is Very Popular

Monthly Dividend Multiplier is Tim's premium service so it's not as big and popular as Tim's less expensive newsletter, The Dividend Hunter.

Because of this it's hard to find customer reviews about Monthly Dividend Multiplier.

However, there's a lot of customer reviews about The Dividend Hunter and most are positive.

Over on Stock Gumshoe, where people rate newsletters and leave their experiences with them, it has a 4/5 rating.

Over 500 people voted on this too.

4/5 stars for an investing newsletter is very good and it's actually pretty rare to see a newsletter on Stock Gumshoe get this kind of love.

Here's a recent review of someone explaining their experience with this service:

Not all reviews are this positive but a lot are.

This at least shows you Tim can deliver on his promises.

Hercules Capital Is Tim's #1 Dividend Stock

Last point before moving on to what you get with Monthly Dividend Multiplier..

Tim likes to put out teasers to try and get people to buy his newsletter.

This is where he hypes up a stock and only reveals if you buy his products.

His most recent teases his "#1 buy, hold and retire stock of 2022."

The stock he's talking about is Hercules Capital.

This company gives loans to startups.

They pay a yield around 9% and their stock is currently $15. This is one of the highest prices the stock has ever been so it might go down in the future.

But if you're looking for Tim's #1 dividend stock, this is it.

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What Is Monthly Dividend Multiplier Offering?

At the end of the day what you get with Monthly Dividend Multiplier is typical.

Basically every investing newsletter offers the same thing.

Here's a breakdown of everything:

Monthly Newsletters

Every month you get a new issue of the newsletter.

Here you'll get an update on the portfolio, market analysis and any new dividend picks that Tim has.

Additionally, you'll find information on upcoming yields and dates for payments.

Weekly Videos

Once a week you'll get a weekly mailbag video from Tim.

Here he'll answer questions that he's gotten from the community.

So if you need something clarified by Tim you'll likely get to.

Portfolio Rebalancing Tool

The portfolio rebalancing tool will help protect your portfolio in the long run.

This service calculates the perfect allocation of your investments.

And it shows you when to buy shares.

You can also play around with the tool to game plan different scenarios. 

Training Resources Collection

This is just a collection of training from Tim.

Additionally, you'll find market commentary and portfolio updates here.

Special Report Library

There's also a bunch of special reports where you'll find long form research into different markets and stocks.

Tim's #1 dividend stock of 2022 is an example of a special report you'd find here.

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Monthly Dividend Multiplier FAQ's

Still have some questions about Monthly Dividend Multiplier?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have.

1) Is The Price Fair?

I definitely think it is.

Tim has a cheaper product but $595 still isn't bad.

There's plenty of comparable products that cost nearly 10 times that amount.

2) Is There A Refund Policy?

I don't think there is.

With The Dividend Hunter the refund policy is shown right on the sales page but I couldn't find anything with Monthly Dividend Multiplier.

I looked in the terms and it says every product has a different refund policy.

So the fact one isn't displayed makes me believe there isn't one.

That's a shame.

3) Is Tim Plaehn Legit?

I think he is.

The only thing that matters with a stock picker is if he can pick a good stock.

I could care less about anything else.

Tim gets enough positive reviews from customers that makes me think he can pick good stocks.

So legit in my book.

4) Who Is Monthly Dividend Multiplier For?

This newsletter is for people that want to plan for retirement and have a decent amount to invest.

If you're looking for a quick way to earn cash this isn't for you.

If you only have $5,000 to invest this isn't for you either.

5) Are There Similar Newsletters?

There's plenty of similar newsletters out there.

Some include:

And many, many more.

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Monthly Dividend Multiplier Pros And Cons

  • Tim picks good stocks: Tim gets good customer reviews and seems to pick a lot of good stocks.
  • Not a bad price: $595 is not exactly cheap but there's much more expensive newsletters out there.
  • Dividend stocks: Dividend stocks are a great way to retire and earn passive income.
  • No refunds: Not allowing refunds is stupid and every newsletter should have some sort of refund policy..
  • Need $50,000: If you have less than this you'll want another investing style and newsletter.

Monthly Dividend Multiplier Conclusion

Monthly Dividend Multiplier is a good investing newsletter if you meet the criteria for it.

Mainly you'll need patience and have around $50,000 to invest.

If that's you than I'd think about this service.

The only real bummer is there's no refund policy and I typically don't recommend newsletters without a refund.

However, the price for this product isn't too bad where a refund would make or break you.

You're investing over $50,000 so $595 isn't much.

So if dividend stocks and retirement planning is what you're looking for, this newsletter can work for you.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I don't mind Tim Plaehn and Monthly Dividend Multiplier.

The good news is there's still a lot of good places to get stock picks.

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