Next Wave Crypto Fortunes is an investing service offered by Ian King.

It's pretty expensive and before buying I'm sure you want to know if it's a scam.

You'll see if it is in this review.

Additionally, you'll see any red flags that I find and all background information I think you should know. 

You'll know if Next Wave Crypto Fortunes is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Next Wave Crypto Summary

Creator: Ian King

Price to join: $995

Do I recommend? No

   Overall rating: 2/5

Next Wave Crypto Fortunes is the same old pitch you've seen 100 times.

Ian claims he can 100X your money with his secret crypto picks.

However, if you look into his pass recommendations it seems more likely he'll make you lose 100% of your investment.

Don't get involved in investing in unregulated crypto and don't listen to Ian about what to invest in.

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The Big Red Flag.. Agora

Before we get into what Next Wave Crypto Fortunes is offering we need to address the biggest red flag about Next Wave Crypto Fortunes..

The red flag is that it's owned by Agora.

At one time Agora was the biggest distributor of investing newsletters and was making hundreds of millions per year.

However, their reputation has taken a beating over the last few years and they're starting to crumble.

Many of their previous publishers have left and started their own ventures.

Banyan Hill is still under the umbrella of Agora, though, and Banyan Hill sells all of Ian King's newsletters.

There's a lot of reasons to stay far away from any Agora newsletter and here are the main ones:

They Regularly Scam Seniors

Agora's reputation has taken a beaten because they do really horrible things like defraud elderly people with scams.

Don't believe me?

Just last year they had to pay millions in fines for doing just that:

The problem is $2 million is nothing to a company that makes $500 million a year.

As Truth In Advertising as proven they're still up to their old ways:

Is this really people you want to give your money to?

Do you even trust them with your credit card details?

Constant Upselling

Agora didn't become the king of investing newsletters by just selling one product to each customer.

Agora makes hundreds of millions a year by milking every dollar possible out of customers.

Once you sign up for any Agora product you aren't treated like a beloved customer.. you're treated like a target.

You will be BOMBARDED with promotions every single day and many of these promotions will cost thousands a year - some will cost tens of thousands.

Many of the promotions come from unsavory people as well.

For example, I caught another Banyan Hill editor named Andrew Keene faking testimonials. 

Other Agora characters are literally banned from Wall Street. 

They send so many promotions that your email becomes unusable.

Definitely something you want to avoid.

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Ian King Is Constantly Rebranding His Newsletters

There's not really much in Ian's past that I can verify.

For example, Ian claims he was a portfolio manager at Peahi Captial but I can't find any record of a Peahi Capital existing.

There's no company website and if you Google Peahi Capital the only thing that comes up is Ian's Linkedin page:

I searched records in FINRA and SEC and couldn't find anything about this firm either.

Ian claims this was one of the best ranked hedgefunds too.

Seems pretty weird there's no evidence this company even existed or provided any benefit to customers.

Another red flag about Ian is he's constantly changing the names of his newsletters and rebranding them.

Just yesterday I did a review about a newsletter that's been around for more than a decade.

I said it's a good sign to see a newsletter exist this long because it shows it has a good reputation.

If you look up customer reviews you can confirm this about the newsletter.

Ian's newsletters don't seem to last more than a couple years before he needs to rename and relaunch them.

This is typically a sign of people losing money and a bad brand.

Ian King Has Recommended Some Stinkers

You can ignore all the red flags of Ian and Agora if there's good recommendations.

However, from what I've seen Ian has picked some really bad cryptos and stocks in the past.

Here's a look at some of his investment ideas in the past.

Luna (Crypto Coin)

In one of Ian's other sales pitches he claimed he wanted people to invest in Luna:

However, crypto really crashed in 2022 and some crypto coins lost 100% of their value.

This means every dollar invested in the coin was lost.

Unfortunately for people that listened to Ian Luna was one of these that crashed and lost 100%.

Some people even took their own lives over this:

Crypto is unregulated and extremely volatile.

You can lose all your investments in a blink of an eye.

So be careful of anyone promising massive crypto returns.

The opposite can happen quickly!

Ethereum In May 2022

Ethereum is a well known crypto that Ian pitched back in May of this year.

He called it a "next gen coin" that would eventually overtake Bitcoin as the top crypto.

However, since recommending this crypto it's down well over 50%;

Even big coins like Ethereum haven't been spared in the crypto crash of 2022.

Who knows how long it will take to recover.

Velodyne Lidar In March 2021

Ian's bad recommendations aren't just in crypto either.

He likes to pitch risky and volatile tech stocks too.

One of these stocks was Velodyne Lidar.

This company is a lidar company which are very popular for stock pickers to pitch. This technology will help autonomous vehicles drive.. one day.

However, this stock tanked once Ian recommended it:

It's lost 90% of its value...

Square In January 2021

Back in January 2021 Ian claimed "the massive tech boom is just starting" and his #1 tech stock for 2021 is Square.

Square is a payment processor run by ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Just over a year later it would seem "the massive tech boom" was in fact over and tech stocks lost over a trillion in just a few days:


Square wasn't spared in this massacre and has lost about 75% since being recommended by Ian:

Anyone can promise massive returns but few can actually deliver.

Ian has promised massive returns in the past and has failed to deliver with a lot of his picks.

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What Is Next Wave Crypto Fortunes Offering?

This is a pretty typical investing offer.

Here's an overview of everything that you get:

6 To 12 Trade Alerts A Year

This is the main thing you're paying for.

In the course of the year you'll get a dozen or so alerts to buy certain cryptos.

Ian claims you can 110X your money with some of these alerts.

However, if you look in the last section you'll see his big promises often don't work.

I have a hard time believing any crypto will be massive the way they were a few years ago.

Almost every crypto is down right now.

Weekly Updates

You get email updates about the crypto market and the portfolio.

Additionally, you'll get recommendations on what to do with your portfolio.

7 Cryptos To Invest In

This is the report that Ian uses to sell the newsletter.

You have to watch a hour long presentation about these 7 cryptos to invest in before you even get to the sales page of Next Wave Crypto Fortunes.

This report covers 7 must buy cryptos according to Ian's research.

Crypto Trading

Additionally with this offer you get access to a couple crypto training guides.

One is in the form of a short report and the other is a three part video series covering crypto.

You can easily find the same quality trading on Youtube for free.

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Next Wave Crypto Fortunes FAQ's

Still have some questions about Next Wave Crypto Fortunes?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) Is The Price Fair?

The price is too much in my opinion.

$995 per year isn't the most outrageous price ever but you're really not getting too much with this offer.

The main aspect is the crypto alerts and you're only getting 6 to 12 per year.

That's just not a lot.

2) Is There A Refund Policy?


There's this weird guarantee, though:

This is an absolute joke of a guarantee and I don't even really know what it means.

This is so oddly worded and stupid.

It's clear he doesn't want to offer a money back guarantee because he'd lose money if he did.

It costs Ian nothing to give you an extra year of alerts.

3) Is Ian King Legit?

I really don't think so.

I mean just look at some of the recommendations he's made in the past.

Some of them are really big losers.

And I can't verify anything in his past.

The hedgefund he claimed to work for doesn't have a website or anything about it online.

That's extremely weird.

Plus he's constantly having to shut down and relaunch his services.

Not a good luck.

4) Are There Similar Products For Sale?

Yes, there's plenty of crypto investing newsletters:

Some include:

And more.

They all pretty recommend the same stuff.

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Next Wave Crypto Fortunes

  • Too expensive: $995 per year for 6 to 12 alerts is just too much in my opinion.
  • Bad guarantee: Ian's performance guarantee is weird and costs him nothing. There's a reason he won't offer you your money back.
  • Ian has bad recommendations: Ian has really recommended bad cryptos and stocks in the past.
  • Agora owned: You never want to buy a product from an Agora publisher. They're unethical and annoying to deal with.

Next Wave Crypto Fortunes Conclusions

This is the second time I've reviewed a product from Ian King... and this is the second time I've not recommended his product.

Ian is just a typical stock picker that works for Agora.

It doesn't seem like he has any great accomplishments in the investing world.

He makes huge promises about getting you massive returns and 100Xing your money.

But if you just look at the track record of his recommendations you'll see it's usually the opposite.

Many of his investment ideas have lost 90% of value quickly.. others have lost 100%!

Crypto is such a bad idea to invest in right now and I don't think Ian has any clue what he's talking about.

His predictions are really off in a lot of occasions.

Don't give your money to him or Agora.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Next Wave crypto Fortunes.

To be honest I'd pass on crypto investing as well.

It's unregulated, volatile and vulnerable in a million different ways. 

Stocks will always be the better option.

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