Wide Moat Research is an investing publisher run by Brad Thomas.

They claim their investments will help you "sleep well at night through good times and bad."

Is this the truth or all one big lie?

We'll get to the bottom of this question in this review.

Additionally, you'll see any additional information I find about Brad and this publisher.

You'll know if it's worth buying from Wide Moat Research by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Wide Moat Research Summary

Creator: Brad Thomas

Products: Intelligent Income Investor

Do I recommend? Maybe

   Overall rating: 3/5

Wide Moat Research is a new investing service headed by Brad Thomas.

The focus is to buy REIT stocks (real estate investing trusts) because they pay dividends.

Brad is certainly an expert on the topic and REIT's are good investments.

However, this publisher is owned by a bigger company that I don't like.

There's going to be a lot of shenanigans if you buy a product from Wide Moat Research.

This includes expensive upsells, manipulative advertising and promotional offers from legit scammers.

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Another MarketWise Clone

MarketWise is a publicly traded company that was created about 18 months ago.

This company owns a dozen or so popular investing publishers and makes a whopping $500 million per year.

Wide Moat Research is their latest publisher to launch.

It's important to know about this company because all MarketWise publishers act in the same function.

You need to know what you're getting yourself into before buying.

Here's everything you should know about buying from MarketWise:

Aggressive And Expensive Upsells

If you purchase anything from Marketwise you should use a burner email account.

The reason I say this is because your email will get flooded with promotional offers everyday.

Right now Wide Moat Research has one product for sale and that's Intelligent Income Investor.

However, more products will launch from this publisher.

This is how MarketWise likes to do things.

They start off with a cheap product and then start selling you more expensive products down the road.

Intelligent Income Investor is only $49 for the first year.

MarketWise isn't making $500 million by selling $49 subscriptions.

They make their money upselling customers after they purchase (many cost thousands).

Just beware MarketWise will try to milk you of every dime they can.

Manipulative Marketing

Before there was Marketwise, there was Agora.

Almost all the publishers at Marketwise were once owned by Agora but Agora has been crumbling in the last few years.

Their reputation took a hit after some lawsuits, including being fined $2 million for defrauding senior citizens:

Agora is known for their outlandish and over the top sales presentations.

They make huge promises and straight up mislead their customers about their offers.

I've been following MarketWise for a while now and not much has changed in terms of how they market.

They sell their services with the same kind of over-hyped stock presentations.

MarketWise makes huge promises of returns and often times fail.

Just prepare yourself for these sales presentations because that's how MarketWise sells their upsells.

Legit Scammers At MarketWise

There's not a ton of regulation when it comes to retail investing newsletters.

You don't need to pass a background test and get any special certifications

There's no governing body that oversees these kind of things.

Because of this many unethical and unsavory characters are drawn to this industry.

Unfortunately many of them work for MarketWise.

This is a problem because MarketWise cross promotes products from other publishers.

I learned about Wide Moat Research because I got an email from Rogue Economics hyping it up.

If you sign up for a Wide Moat Research product expect to get promotions from Teeka Tiwari.

Teeka calls himself the most trusted crypto expert in the world but if you dig into his past you'll see he's literally banned from working on Wall Street.

Louis Navellier is another investor that's marketed as a trusted expert.

However, just two years ago he was fined $30 million for defrauding investors:

No reputable company would be associated with Teeka or Louis.

I personally don't want to give people like this my money.

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Brad Thomas Is A REIT Expert

The last section was negative - I really don't like Marketwise or most of the people MarketWise hires.

However, there's a few good people at the company and Brad Thomas will probably end up as one of them (this publisher is new, though, so it's hard to tell how is picks will turn out).

The reason I say this is Brad is a legitimate expert in the stocks he's recommending.

The theme of Wide Moat Research (so far) is to invest in what are known as REIT's.

REIT stands for Real Estate Investing Trust and these are companies that own land/property.

For example, the biggest REIT in the world is Prologis who invest in warehouses and leases them out.

Amazon is one of their customers and they have a market cap of over $100 billion.

Other kind of REIT's can invest in housing, hotels, medical facilities, cell towers and more.

People like these stocks because they pay a dividend and create passive income.

Brad is an expert on this topic and worked in the commercial real estate world for over 25 years and teaches a class at NYU about real estate.

He's written books on REIT's and written in well known publications like Forbes and Hidden Alpha about the topic as well.

So if there's someone I would want to get investment ideas from regarding REIT's, it would be someone like Brad.

What Products Does Wide Moat Research Offer?

Wide Moat Research is still being built out.

Right now there's only one product and that's Intelligent Income Investor which I reviewed here.

But there is 1000% going to be other products for sale shortly at Wide Moat Research.

And they're going to cost thousands of dollars.

The standard MaretWise playbook is to offer a $49 product to get you into the sales funnel and then try to upsell for products that costs $4000 to $5000 per year.

So eventually Wide Moat Research will have products that cost this much.

Who knows if they will focus on REITs as well or if another stock picker will be brought in to focus on different investments.

As for Intelligent Income Investor, it's a standard investing newsletter.

You get the following:

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Monthly new stock pick
  • Model portfolio (known as SWAN portfolio)
  • Special reports

This is basically what every investing newsletter offers and what every other MarketWise newsletter offers.

I'll update this section as more products are added to the publisher.

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Wide Moat Research FAQ's

Still have some questions about Wide Moat Research?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have about this publisher:

1) How Much Are The Products At Wide Moat Research?

Right now the only product costs $49 per year which is standard for all introdutory investing newsletters.

It's guaranteed more expensive products will be launched and they'll cost thousands of dollars.

Like I said earlier - you don't make $500 million a year selling $49 subscriptions.

2) Is There Refunds?

Yes, there's a refund for the cheap newsletter - you get 60 days to get your money back.

However, when the more expensive newsletters launch they will not have a money back guarantee.

This is a little trick MarketWise does.

They offer refunds on the inexpensive newsletters but not the expensive ones.

The products that cost thousand usually just come with a credit refund you can use to buy other MarketWise services.

3) Is Brad Thomas Legit?

Yes, he has a pretty impressive resume for someone investing in real estate stocks.

He knows the industry from being in commercial real estate for 25 years.

Additionally, he teaches about real estate at NYU which is a good college.

Lastly, he's written popular book on REITS.

His most popular book has a 4.3/5 rating on Amazon which is pretty good:

As you can see most people gave it a 5/5.

4) Are There Similar Publishers?

Yes, I've reviewed a few MarketWise publishers now.

Some include:

I'm very familiar with this brand.

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Wide Moat Research Pros And Cons

  • Brad is a REIT expert: Brad is an actual expert on the topics of REITS and has a lot of experience with these investments.
  • Good investing strategy: Income earning stocks can lead to passive income, the sweetest term in existence.
  • MarketWise newsletter: There's hundreds of these types of newsletters already out there. I'm not a fan of how MarketWise promotes their products and many of their employees.
  • Big upsells: Big upsells are coming and you'll be promoted expensive products from other publishers as well.
  • Manipulative marketing: All MarketWise products use manipulative marketing to sell their products. It's annoying to deal with.

Wide Moat Research Conclusion

How well this publisher does is yet to be seen.

REIT's are good investments but are currently underperforming the market.

Brad is promoting these investments as a way to fight against inflation but I just don't see that happening right now.

On the plus side these assets do have dividend payments.

If you're retiring or planning on retiring these REIT's can provide a full time income if you invest enough.

If you're younger you can reinvest dividend payments to create a full time passive income to retire on.

I'd say I'm cautiously optimistic about this publisher.

It's going to do annoying things that all MarketWise publishers do. They make it obvious their main goal is to get as much money as they can from you.

But Brad is an expert and his picks could set you up for the long term.

Just avoid the upsells and don't fall for the splashy sales presentations!

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  • Hey Dylan, I decided to do some research before I crumbled to some “Black friday DEAL”

    Really good read. So because of your trust in Brad’s character, I decided to go for it.

    So it was $9, and as soon as I get the course, I am greeted by a webpage with an offer for their ‘Elite’ course for 299$ :)))))

    I decided to read the whole page for the shits, it was actually really funny. But I cancel that and then I am offered another offer for a to only buy a yearly package for also a discounted rate of $199.

    So funny

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