Chaikin Analytics is an investment website from Marc Chaikin.

He has a few different offers and if you're here you're probably wondering if they're scams or not.

This review will answer that.

By the time you're done reading you'll see an overview of the offers, prices to join and more.

You'll know if Chaikin Analytics is right for you.

Let's get into it!

Chaikin Analytics Summary

Creator: Marc Chaikin

Price to join: $2195 per year

Do I recommend? It depends

   Overall rating: 3.5/5

Chaikin Analytics is definitely a legit place if you're trying to get stock ideas.

The tools you get with this product are powerful and used by a lot of people on Wall Street.

The only downside is it's expensive and you can't get your money back if you don't like the service.

So you have to be 100% sure you want this product before buying. 

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Who Is Marc Chaikin?

Marc Chaikin is the creator of Chaikin Analytics (used to be called Chaikin Stock Research).

There's a lot of fake it until you make it types selling stock picks and tools on the internet.

Especially right now.

However, Marc doesn't fit into this group at all.

He's a seasoned vet when it comes to trading and started as a stock broker back in 1965.

He started developing proprietary stock market indicators in 1980 and developed computer algorithms to execute trades for him.

He also created the first real time analytics workstation for portfolio managers.

His indicators are well known on Wall Street and they're used often.

Eventually he launched Chaikin Stock Research nd creates tools and programs for individual investors.

Chaikin Analytics Overview ($2195 Per Year)

Chaikin Analytics is a trading platform where investors get ideas for stock picks.

There's a lot of different tools and newsletters that come with this product.

Here's a breakdown of everything you get.

Power Gauge Rating

The Power Gauge is a ranking system for over 5000 stocks.

There's 5 categories a stock can be in:

  • Very bearish
  • Bearish
  • Bullish
  • Very Bullish
  • Neutral

There's 5 colors for each category and red indicates bearish and green indicates bullish.

The Power Gauge uses 4 different metrics to rank a stock.

They are:

  • Financials - Long term debt to equity, price to book, return on equity, price to sales, free cash flow.
  • Earning - Earnings growth, earning surprise, earnings trend, projected p/e, earnings consistency.
  •  Technicals - Rel strength vs. market, Chaikin Money Flow, price strength, price trend ROC, Volume trend.
  • Experts - Estimate trend, short interest, insider activity, analyst rating trend, industry rel strength. 

Chaikin Money Flow

This tool measures money flow volume over 21 days. As a result this tool will indicate if a stock is bullish (green) or bearish (red).

This is done by looking at closing performance and volume confirmation.

An example of a stock according to Chaikin Money Flow is below:

A little red is not a problem and this would be a stock worth buying. 

Everything Else You Get

Additionally, you get the following with your membership to Chaikin Analytics:

  • 1 year of Marc Chaikin's Market Insights Newsletter
  • 1 year of Pete Carmasino's Afternoon Insights Newsletter
  • 1 year access to Discovery Engine (Chaikin stock screener, buy/sell signals, email alerts, earnings insights, portfolio health check and Power Gauge Reports).
  • Access to members only content and videos. 

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Power Gauge Report ($199)

The Power Gauge Report can be bought separately for $199.

Here's a breakdown of everything you get:

  • Power Gauge Report - This is a monthly report where you will get a stock pick about a mid or large cap stop from Marc. You'll also receive a portfolio of the top 5 stocks to buy. 
  • Special Updates - Anytime there's an update to a stock pick you'll get an email alert. This includes when to lock in gain and when to add or close a position.
  • 1 Year Power Pulse System - This tool allows you to punch in a stock to see if it's bullish, bearish or neutral.
  • 1 Year Of Marc's Warnings And Predictions - These are warnings and predictions about the market.
  • 4 Power Picks For Retirement - These are 4 stock picks Marc believes you should buy and hold forever. 
  • Research Report - This report will teach you when the perfect time buy a stock is and what to look for when picking a stock.

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Who Is Chaikin Analytics For And Not For?

Chaikin Analytics is for people that are serious about trading.

This an expensive program that you're going to have to pay yearly for.

In order for it to make sense you're going to have to profit at least $3500 a year.

You'll need to invest thousands to do that.

If you only have a couple hundred to trade the program will cost more than you'll get in returns.

Also, If you're a day trader I don't think this will be useful for you.

While I'm sure you can use some of the tools for day trading these products are more for long term investments.

You'll be learning which stocks are bullish and bearish over a longer period of time.

A day trader is looking to buy and sell stocks in a much shorter period of time

Is Chaikin Analytics Worth Its Price?

It really depends.

This is a pricey program and it's annual.. so you're going to have to pay it every single year.

If you don't have a lot of money to invest this isn't for you. It'll be too hard to profit more than the cost.

Also, you need to be serious about personal investment for this to be worth it.. if you're just dabbling with trades or are only interested in a couple of stocks it won't be worth it.

However, if you're looking to buy stocks every month and will devote real time to trading I think it'll be worth it.

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There's A Bad Refund Policy

The refund policy is extremely disappointing.

You get 30 days to get a refund but there's no cash refunds.

You can only get your money back to buy another Chaikin Analytics products and you only get a year to do so.

I looked over Chaikin Analytics websites and couldn't find any other product besides the Power Gauge Reports which only costs $199.


What can you spend the credits on? I have no clue.

If you believe in your product you should just offer a cash refund after 30 days.

To only offer credits to other products is stupid.

How Long Until You See Results?

This really isn't a program to see fast results.

The stock picks you get and the tools are geared towards long term results.

I doubt you'd ever get a stock idea that would be bought and sold within a week from Chaikin.

Because of this you'll probably need a couple years to see good results.

Additionally, you get a report for retirement stocks that you should buy and hold forever.

This means you'll see results in decades not years.

So if you're looking to put in money and see fast returns this isn't for you.

The good news is this is much less risky. 

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What I Like About Chaikin Analytics

There's definitely things to like here.

This includes:

Established tools

The rating system isn't just some tool Marc just invented. They're well known and people routinely use them on Wall Street to pick stocks.

Marc Is A Trading Veteran

There's a lot of scammers who learned about trading. Marc has been trading since the 60's and has had a lot of success.

What I Don't Like About Chaikin Analytics

There's also things not to like here.

This includes:


If the cost was a one time payment it wouldn't be too bad but you're paying annually.

That cost is going to add up over time.

Bad refund policy

I was honestly shocked at how bad the refund policy is. I expected a little better from such an established figure.

Is Chaikin Analytics A Scam?

No, definitely not.

Marc is a legitimate investor and has proven over the decades that he's completely legitimate.

Also, his tools are well known and big time traders use them.

It really just boils down to if you can afford the membership and how serious you are if you should buy it.

If you can afford it comfortably than it can help you trade with confidence.

Just beware you can't get your money back if you don't like it.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Chaikin Analytics isn't a bad place to get stock ideas but it's too expensive.

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  • I guess technically not a “scam.” But misleading in that he and others like him that sell this crap, claiming “you too can make all this money on the stock market.” Ok, well if you’re making so much why are you selling “education materials?” Out of the goodness of your heart because you really wanna help people? Uh, no. It’s to make money of course – a LOT of money. So if you really wanna do what he does – get into the financial education business, not stocks.

    • I don’t really like this logic.. everyone does stuff to make money. A good product provides value and makes money.

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