Forecasts And Strategies is a long running investing newsletter from Mark Skousen.

He claims he can get you 10X returns with his stock picks.

Is this legit or just another investing scams?

You'll get an answer to this question and more.

Below you'll see everything I found about Forecasts And Strategies including background information, a look at the stock performance and more.

You'll know if this newsletter is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Forecasts And Strategies Summary

Creator: Mark Skousen

Price to join: $49 to $149 per year

Do I recommend? Yes

   Overall rating: 3.5/5

Forecasts And Strategies is a good investing newsletter.

I looked at some stock picks from the last 6 years and most have been winners.

Plus it's affordable and can be bought for as low as $49 per year.

Not my favorite investing newsletter but a solid one, that's for sure.

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Forecasts And Strategies Stock Performance

The most important aspect of an investing newsletter is whether it makes money or not.

Everything else is secondary.

Mark Skousen has done a lot of stock presentations for this Forecasts And Strategies.

These presentations are usually around a hour long and hype up a stock.

However, the stock isn't revealed unless you buy Forecasts And Strategies.

Almost every popular investing newsletters does this to drive sales.

These stocks are supposed to be a stock pickers best and most well researched stock picks.

Let's look at how they've performed over the last few years now.

2Gold and Perpetua Resources In June 2021

Back in 2021 Mark ran a teaser claiming he had stocks that were going to "dominate the gold industry."

Additionally, he called the stocks he was pitching "Alpha-Gold" stock.

The two companies he's referring to are B2Gold and Perpetua Resources.

Here's how B2Gold has performed in a little over a year:

As you can see this stock has been struggling for a year now.

A lot of people like this stock but it does have one major problem - production hasn't been growing.

Next up is Perpetua Resources:

This one was definitely more risky and was a speculative pick.

It has done terribly over the last year and lost more than 70%.

Midas Gold In May 2020

A little over two years ago Mark was calling Midas Gold a "potential 10 bagger in gold" that you could get for under $1.

Midas Gold changed their name to Perpetua Resources last year (the stock we looked at in the last section).

This company at the time was putting together the largest gold mining operation in Idaho.

There were things to like including strong partners but they experiencing set backs.

Here's how the stock has performed:

This recommendation of Perpetua was definitely better timed than the one in the last section.

It popped from $4 to $15 pretty quickly.

If you cashed out you made money and if you held you're down about 50%.

Main Street Capital For Many Years

Main Street Capital is a stock that Mark had been pitching for many years (back in 2013 or 2014).. and last pitched it in 2019.

He calls this stock the "fastest (and most reliable) way to get rich on just one investment."

This has been an excellent stock pick over the years because it's an income earner as well.

The yield rate has been around 7% and the stock has gone up - that's as good as you can ask for.

Pfizer In January 2019

A couple years before the infamous Pfizer covid vaccine Mark was pitching this company as "a company that knows how to kill a $40 billion disease."

At the time Pfizer had a treatment called Dekavil which was in phase 2 trials for rheumoatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel syndrome.

We all know what Pfizer is most famous for now.

Here's a look at how the stock has done:

It struggled for a little while until covid made the stock pop.

It's been up ever since.

Rio Tinto In August 2018

Back in 2018 a new mineral was discovered called Jadarite.

This mineral is valuable because you can extract lithium from it which is used in electric batteries.

At the time it wasn't really known what the cost of extracting lithium from Jadarite would cost.

The company mining this new mineral was called Rio Tinto and they owned the entire world's supply of Jadarite.

Here's how the stock has done:

Stock had one well over the years besides the brief drop due to covid.

At one point it doubled and is still up overall.

Merck In November 2016

Back in 2016 Mark was pitching a stock he called a "must have cancer killer stock."

The company he was talking about is Merck and it sat at the top of his most recommended stocks.

Merck is one of the oldest companies on earth and was founded in the 1600's.

It was established in America in the 1890's.

Here's how the stock has done:

There's been a 3% dividend as well.

Overall another great stock pick from Mark.

Overall Mark's stock picks for Forecasts And Strategies have been good. Most are up and there's only a couple losers in the bunch. If you invested in all of these stocks equally you'd be up.

The Biden Disaster Plan

The stock presentation Mark Skousen is using to pitch Forecasts And Strategies right now is called The Biden Disaster Plan.

The idea here is Biden is hurting the economy and certain companies will become more valuable because of this.

The first stock he's teasing is Enterprise Products Partners.

This is pithed as "America's #1 Energy Stock."

This company creates gas pipelines and because energy is becoming more scarce Mark believes existing pipes will become more valuable.

Currently the stock is $26.

Here's how it's performed over the last 20 or so years:

There's a dividend as well that's been growing over the years and is currently $0.475.

The next company that Mark is pitching is Main Street Capital.

This stock is pitched as "America's #1 Small Business Investment."

We covered this stock in the previous section and it's a stock Mark has been pitching for nearly a decade.

He loves this stock.

His reasoning for recommending it now is interest rates will make capital and loans harder to get.

Main Street Capital makes small business investments and Mark believes rising interest rates makes them more valuable.

The last company being pitched here is Alpha And Omega Semiconductor.

This stock is pitched as "America's #1 Chip Crisis Stock."

There's a chip shortage in the world and the main place where chips are made, Taiwan, could possibly be invaded by China.

This would make the chip shortage much worst.

Alpha And Omega Semiconductor is a smaller chip maker but is based in America.

If Taiwan is invaded it would become much more valuable.

Currently the stock sits at around $37.

Here's how it's performed over the last decade:

So if you were going to buy Forecasts And Strategies to figure out these stocks you no longer have to.

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What Is Forecasts And Strategies Offering?

What's being offered here is a pretty standard and pretty much what every other newsletter offers.

Here's a breakdown of everything that you get:

Monthly Issues Of Forecasts And Strategies

This is the main aspect of what you're paying for.

Once you sign up you'll get a new issue of the newsletter once a month.

This will include market conditions, fed moves, commentary on the economy and you'll get a new stock pick.

Additionally, you'll get updates on the portfolio.

Weekly Updates

Sometimes you can't wait a month for updates on the portfolio.

This is where the weekly email updates come in.

Once a week you'll get updates on the open positions in the portfolio and you'll get market news.

Website Access 

With your membership you'll also get access to a subscriber only website.

Here you'll be access the portfolios, reports and all articles that have been ever written.

You'll get full breakdowns of every stock being recommended as well. 

Investing Master Class

With your membership you'll also get access to Consistent Profits training program to help you invest.

This focuses on the seven pillars that can help you succeed with the markets and how to increase profitability over the long haul.

Special Reports

You also get a bunch of special reports when you sign up.

The current reports are the Biden Disaster Plan which we covered in the last section.

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Forecasts And Strategies FAQ's

Still have some questions about Forecasts And Strategies?

Here's answers to any questions you might have:

1) What Is The Price Of Forecasts And Strategies?

There's three different prices for this newsletter.

The gold subscription costs $49.95 per year.

This comes with everything I described in the last section.. basically the newsletter, the portfolio, updates and The Biden Disaster Plan special reports.

The platinum subscription costs $77 per year.

This comes with everything in the gold package plus Forecast And Strategies Quick Start Guide.

Lastly, there's Diamond Elite Subscription and that costs $149 per year.

This comes with everything in the other price levels plus The Secret Backdoor Into Private Equity Riches.

These are all good prices for what you get and pretty much what all standard newsletters cost.

2) Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes but it's not the best.

You get 30 days to get your money back.

You won't really get time to test the stock picks or anything like that.

Instead you'll just be able to see if you like the service and stuff like that.

It's better than nothing, though.

3) Is Mark Skousen Legit?

I personally think he is.

This newsletter has been around for 40 years and investing newsletters don't typically last that long.

The only way to still be business for so long is to provide good stock picks.

The stocks we looked at were for the most part money makers as well.

In the end that's what makes stock pickers legit - picking good stocks.

4) Is The Investment Style Legit?


The main focus of this newsletter seems to be income earning opportunities (like stocks that pay dividends).

Almost all the stocks we looked at focus on dividend paying stocks.

A lot of picks seem to be in natural resources as well.

Again these are good stocks to own.

5) Are There Similar Newsletters

There's plenty of these kind of newsletters.

Here's some I've recently reviewed:

As you can see there's no shortage of these investment newsletters.

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Forecasts And Strategies Pros And Cons

  • Well priced: You can buy this newsletter for as low as $49 per year and that's a good deal.
  • Good stock picks: The stock picks I looked at through the years mostly seem like winners.
  • Been around for 40 years: Newsletters only last this long if they're profitable.
  • Some bad customer reviews: I did see some people claim they lost money following Mark's picks. 

Forecasts And Strategies Conclusion

In some ways Forecasts And Strategies is a lot like other newsletters I've reviewed.

They do the stock presentations to get you to buy the newsletter, they hype up the possibility of massive returns, they do a monthly newsletter, etc.

But in other ways this newsletter is a breath of fresh air.

So many investing newsletters are brand new or is just a re-named and re-packaged losing newsletter.

It's not everyday I get to review a newsletter that's been around since the 80's.

I can see why it's lasted this long too.

The stock picks are solid and the price is good too.

If you're looking for dividend paying stocks this newsletter can work for you.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Forecasts And Strategies is a pretty good investing newsletter.

The good news is there's still a lot of good places to get stock picks.

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